David Mullins and Charlie Craig wanted their gayke and it eat too.

The way I see it, this Masterpiece Cakeshop case of the spurned homos who didn’t get their cake and eat it too is simply a case of choosing to be bothered.

The disgusting duo, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, ordered a cake for their wedding faggotry.

Jack Phillips, owner of the cake shop, a private business, rebuked the couple.

Jack Phillips, the bakery’s owner, informed the couple that he did not provide cakes for same-sex weddings and celebrations due to his religious beliefs.

“What should have been a joyous occasion had turned into a humiliating occasion,” Deborah Munn, the mother of Craig, wrote in a blog post for the American Civil Liberties Union about the experience.

The ACLU of Colorado represented the same-sex couple in their complaint against Phillips.


Gayke Guys

Mullins and Craig could have simply walked out of the store and taken their business down the street to a more gay-friendly bakery. They could have let the dollar speak and make its power known, using the power of the free market to air their grievances in a most profound way. But the homos chose drama. Homos always choose drama. They live for drama and overstatement and hyperbole. It’s how they are built.

They chose to be bothered and hurt and they exploited the weaknesses of today’s society. They involved lawyers and petty pseudo victimhood.

They chose to be bothered because they wanted trouble more than a gayke.

Now we’re all bothered by their persistent stupidity.