The foundation of the SJW narrative is superstition and magic.

“I know I didn’t see it in the xxx report and you know, I’m always  checking it, I keep on top of my shit.”


Uh-huh, I noted to myself while finishing up the day in this stupid, impromptu meeting whose ostensible aim it was to discover why said item was not discovered until now.



I know this person’s work habits better than anyone in the company because I have the misfortune of sharing an office with her. I don’t fall prey to her mindless chatter and diffuse extroversion unlike most of the people in this department. I’m amazed at how undiscerning people can be, but ultimately, this is merely a reflection of the depths of human intellectual laziness and apathy.

In other words, people are largely ignorant and stupid, everywhere, not just xxx Inc. where I collect a paycheck.

Cretins like my officemate thrive on the collective stupidity of humanity for they parasitically flourish in such environs, amid streams of bullshit and hot air which they, themselves, are adept at manufacturing.

I know, for a fact, she is not on top of her shit.  Never. She reacts when her ass is in danger;  when the heat is on.  The rest of the time she plays on her personal phone, reads oddball celebrity and crime stories on the company computer, eats, and socializes incessantly throughout every nook and cranny of this building.  She has long surrendered capturing my attention or reciprocation since I cling to it selfishly and would never lend her the slightest bit of notice. I don’t humor her vapidity, which is her specialty, all she has to offer. We are not good officemates, to say the least.

She speaks loudly in tidal waves of misguided confidence, but this is all that is required, for most people in the company do not find it necessary or convenient to peer any deeper than that. In today’s corporate world, all interactions and business relationships are only skin deep, and those of us with the intellectual vigor to dig deeper see a whole realm of shit that is not apparent to managers, directors, supervisors, idiots.

My officemate elevates her shrill volume and speaks with wise assurance and everyone nods agreeably.  When she counters that she “is on top of her shit,” no one has the skeptical acuity to question such a claim.

I see.

I am nobody so my “say” is washed out by her quasi-confident din.

But I see.

Her patented default defense, analysis, for everything, is effectively, “it’s not working” in which it routinely refers to software or hardware which the analytical mind of normal intelligence understands and comprehends well enough to understand, elementally, that things work, but people largely don’t.

Human fallibility is abundant and if it ever appears a mechanical, non-human tool has not fulfilled its implied job, it is because the human(s) involved in garnering the tool for utility are not using their brains.

My officemate constantly defers to the superstitious implied failings of computers and their parts when it’s obvious (to me, the analytical, objective onlooker) that the failing is most likely of her own cognitively-challenged doing. There is nothing wrong with the tools but everything is wrong with her unstructured, random puny unfocused brain. Her deferral to “it’s not working” borders on the superstitious, as I noted. There is an air of magic and enigma each time she recites the “hmm, this is weird, [our software platform] didn’t capture this, something’s wrong with it” disclaimer. In place of facts and intelligent certitude, she clouds the issue with conjecture and magic, never accepting blame or misinterpretation on her part. She is a superstitious person; an SJW feminist-liberal type who paints everything in shades of gray and unaccountability and fights the cold hard immutability of logic and science.

She didn’t see it in the xxx report, but I guarantee you, despite the fact she is on top of her shit, that, 1) she ran the xxx report and forgot to properly define filters or parameters, 2) she failed to use available and powerful search functions, 3) failed to consider faulty input which might have placed the data somewhere else, 4) she’s a fucking retarded moron with a healthy dose of vacuousness, laziness and inability to concentrate.

The SJW/Liberal mentality is built upon a foundation of superstition.  It seeks to establish a vague, loosely defined paradigm of capricious bullseye shifting and subjective idealogical invention which skirts logical insight and natural law in order to sate emotive notions over intellect. Rather than placing trust in absolutes, the SJW superstition model places doubt in recursive undulations of self-doubt.

Anything can be questioned, and the more outlandish and “trailblazing” the doubt or contention, the more it questions tradition, the better.  SJW’s practice one-upmanship of self-crafted superstition.

My officemate, in doubting the integrity of elemental structure, displays the kernel of the SJW thought process’s genesis.

Superstition #1 is being on top of your shit.