Ronald Feinman, Ph.D., disgusting pig, spells out Donald Trump’s demise. I was worried until…

That moment when, after reading an ostensible “expert” 600-word forecast/spiel about Donald Trump’s abbreviated Presidential reign,

Is the End of Trump’s Presidency Near?

which concludes with the prediction,


No matter what the future scenario, America is in a constitutional crisis of greater proportions than Watergate, and with the attendant danger of a Great Recession or a third World War, caused by a mentally unstable and highly stressed President. So while it now seems likely that Trump will outlast the 492 days of President Zachary Taylor, to be reached on May 27, 2018, once thought by this scholar to be the end point of the Trump Presidency, it seems evident that Trump will leave office before the 4th shortest Presidency, that of Warren G. Harding from 1921-1923, a total of 881 days. This would be Thursday, June 20, 2019.

So with 15 months down in the Trump Presidency, the chance of his leaving in the next 14 months at the most is on the horizon.


and when, perchance to happen upon the author’s image,


Ronald Swineman

‘you realize this Kosher human swine will probably drop dead of a cardiovascular event long before his type manages to drum President Trump from office.


Joy Reid conjures (Russian) hackers rather than take personal blame; a popular Liberal motif, it seems.

As noted in this Deadline Hollywood piece, the internet, truly, never forgets.


MSNBC host Joy Reid has apologized for disparaging comments against LGBT people found on her blog The Reid Report, admitting that there has been no evidence of hacking discovered.

After earlier denying authorship of the hurtful remarks, Reid came clean Saturday at the beginning of her MSNBC show AM Joy.


Joy Reid, host of AM Joy on MSNBC, ambitiously ran a blog several years ago in which she conveniently detoured from her leftist tropes in order to play the role of evil right-wing extremist by conveniently bashing on gay people, and homosexuality and all forms of gender dysfunction in general. Convenient, because the targets of her bashing were enemies of the liberal ideology.


Reid also apologized to pundit Ann Coulter, whom she suggested in several tweets dating to 2010 and 2011 was a man. “I want to apologize to the trans community and to Ann,” she said.

Originally, Mediaite unearthed the quotes on Reid’s blog, which has been dormant. But the Internet never forgets, and even though Reid previously apologized for blog remarks uncovered by the site in December, she now claimed the newly discovered comments were the work of tampering.




The homophobic blog posts in question, which came to light in to December, speculated that Republican governor of Florida Charlie Crist was a closeted gay man and married a woman as a coverup. The blog also included posts degrading lesbians, condemning gay sex, promoting offensive gay stereotypes and how Reid couldn’t watch Brokeback Mountain.

Reid since has apologized for the Crist speculation, saying that she regretted “the way I addressed the complex issue of the closet and speculation on a person’s sexual orientation with a mocking tone and sarcasm.”


Caught red-handed with her trousers down, Reid initially deferred to evil hackers who she maintained infiltrated her blog and wrote all those nasty things that no one on the Left would ever so profoundly utter. Hateful words!   And even more insidiously, alien words!

In fact, she involved law enforcement (falsely, without a doubt) in her little tales of ass-covering cyber intrigue.



I wonder how often the word “Russians” was uttered in her duplicitous story-telling.  After all, it’s the most popular Leftist tool in the lack-of-accountability-shed, isn’t it?


The FBI also is investigating the homophobic posts from The Reid Report. On Wednesday, Reid’s lawyer said that an FBI investigation has been launched to probe for potential criminal activity on her site,

“We have received confirmation the FBI has opened an investigation into potential criminal activities surrounding several online accounts, including personal email and blog accounts, belonging to Joy-Ann Reid,” said her lawyer John H. Reichman in a statement. “Our own investigation and monitoring of the situation will continue in parallel, and we are cooperating with law enforcement as their investigation proceeds.”


Methinks that in the interim period between Reid’s oh-shit moment of initial damage control, and her admission to authoring anti-gay slurs, on today’s show, she went so far as to make some allegations born of panic and cowardice.

Alas, it was too late, the cat is out of the FBI bag.  Now they are “investigating” the hateful language on her dormant blog.  I hope the Feds realize Reid’s allegations are elaborate fiction before they come back to us with austere “evidence” of  Russian/Trump roots in the racial defacement of The Reid Report.