Asshole proximity on public transportation.

Here in Los Angeles, where driving one’s own passenger car to get around town is such a rewarded and infrastructural mode of traveling, I suspect that many people who consciously choose not to take public transportation do so because public transportation in this town is used mostly by indigent, dumb, low-class people who display pathetic displays of personal hygiene. In other words, the MTA train and municipal buses are kinda…gross. The seat you’re sitting in might have previously housed the ass of a smelly and oozing brown person with abdominal gas from last night’s greasy dinner. Or, having once witnessed such a thing myself, by a pimply, oily-haired 20-something virgin with a thing for digging boogers from his nose and grinding them into the cheap bus-seat fabric. Public transportation is not for the faint of heart in Los Angeles, and most of the glittery people in Tinseltown tend to be very faint of heart, meaning that the only “respectable” people (myself included) who electively take public transportation are lunatics, masochists or otherwise seriously deranged, ie, left-wingers seeking to minimize their carbon footprint.

I’m respectable insofar as I have a valid California driver’s license, I’m not on parole or probation, and I receive absolutely no government assistance. I currently do not suffer from disabling neurological afflictions which necessitate the use of wheelchair, cane or walker, or a motorized cart that fat-asses with tree trunk legs and edema use to clog up grocery aisles. In other words, I own a car and I work quite a few miles from home, more than is “convenient” in the realm of public transportation, L.A.-style. So I am the epitome of a Southern Californian. But despite this, I choose to take public transportation about 3 or 4 days each week. It is daunting. I tolerate every noxious facet of sharing the train with disgusting people, including, but not limited to, homeless pungent creatures, leering pedophile homos, leering psychopathic homos, deranged Southeast Asian seniors with impatience spearing you through their exasperated expressions.

But the hardest for me to tolerate and which tests my mass commute persistence: assholes.

Literally, assholes. I’m not talking about assholes as we think of them in the popular idiom: distasteful and disagreeable people with no common courtesy. Not those assholes.

I’m talking real assholes. Anuses. This is the one thing that I must endure on trains which would drive me back to my car keys.
Fucking assholes!

A real one of these damn smelly, outbound monstrosities which we all have (ostensibly), housed next to our opinions.

For instance, tonight. The evening train home was very crowded but luckily, since I catch the train when it’s empty at the start of the route, I’m fortunate enough to get a seat almost every time. By the 2nd or 3rd stop downstream, however, the car was fully packed and people began huddling into the aisles. I had an aisle seat and in such unfortunate circumstance, many times I find that the person who is standing near me as he clings to the rails for stability, decides to plant his hairy ass immediately in my face. Only inches of steamy, stagnant air separates my face from his trousered asshole.

This is the most annoying, reprehensible situation. Repulsive. I find no adventure, no appeal, in planting my face in the ass of strangers (though, I hear, that is a thing for many people…not this one, sorry). Tonight’s ass belonged to some hefty Mexican dude with a backpack and a lunch bag. He was a hot mess of personal travel clutter and his baggy jeans contained a big fat ass that was literally no more than 5 inches from my face. One small gaseous eruption and I would have front row seats to his shit-smell death-cloud. I was disgusted. And he stood there for most of the train ride. Sometimes it’s a woman I find in this position, but that makes it no more tolerable. I don’t care if it’s a hot young chick. I don’t want stranger’s asses lingering anywhere near my face, my nose, my mouth. I don’t need that. I don’t need this hideous fecal portal quivering anywhere in the vicinity of my face.

Stay away!

Michelle Wolf, proving once again, leftist women are about as funny as a children’s cancer ward.

Who-dis skank, anyhow?

I don’t keep abreast of pop culture, so when I heard the name Michelle Wolf, I was like “who, what?”

And after watching her performance at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner, I realized one thing about my ignorance of Wolf’s cultural existence…I’m not missing much.



She drew gasps from some in the 3,000-strong audience at the Hilton hotel on Saturday when she turned her fire on Spicer’s secretary, Sarah Sanders, sitting just a few feet away at the head table. “Every time Sarah steps up to the podium, I get excited,” the comedian said. “I’m not really sure what we’re going to get, you know? A press briefing, a bunch of lies or divided into softball teams. ‘It’s shirts and skins, and this time don’t be such a little bitch, Jim Acosta,” – a reference to a CNN correspondent who has clashed with Sanders.


Uh…OK. In the famous semi-words of Jeb Bush, “Please…laugh.”


That left-wing mouth and the unfunny trash disguised as amusing that issues from there.  The only reason this wench needs to open her lips is…



And what’s with that lopsided hair. She looks like a deformed two-headed creature. Kill it with fire!


Ronald Feinman, Ph.D., disgusting pig, spells out Donald Trump’s demise. I was worried until…

That moment when, after reading an ostensible “expert” 600-word forecast/spiel about Donald Trump’s abbreviated Presidential reign,

Is the End of Trump’s Presidency Near?

which concludes with the prediction,


No matter what the future scenario, America is in a constitutional crisis of greater proportions than Watergate, and with the attendant danger of a Great Recession or a third World War, caused by a mentally unstable and highly stressed President. So while it now seems likely that Trump will outlast the 492 days of President Zachary Taylor, to be reached on May 27, 2018, once thought by this scholar to be the end point of the Trump Presidency, it seems evident that Trump will leave office before the 4th shortest Presidency, that of Warren G. Harding from 1921-1923, a total of 881 days. This would be Thursday, June 20, 2019.

So with 15 months down in the Trump Presidency, the chance of his leaving in the next 14 months at the most is on the horizon.


and when, perchance to happen upon the author’s image,


Ronald Swineman

‘you realize this Kosher human swine will probably drop dead of a cardiovascular event long before his type manages to drum President Trump from office.


Joy Reid conjures (Russian) hackers rather than take personal blame; a popular Liberal motif, it seems.

As noted in this Deadline Hollywood piece, the internet, truly, never forgets.


MSNBC host Joy Reid has apologized for disparaging comments against LGBT people found on her blog The Reid Report, admitting that there has been no evidence of hacking discovered.

After earlier denying authorship of the hurtful remarks, Reid came clean Saturday at the beginning of her MSNBC show AM Joy.


Joy Reid, host of AM Joy on MSNBC, ambitiously ran a blog several years ago in which she conveniently detoured from her leftist tropes in order to play the role of evil right-wing extremist by conveniently bashing on gay people, and homosexuality and all forms of gender dysfunction in general. Convenient, because the targets of her bashing were enemies of the liberal ideology.


Reid also apologized to pundit Ann Coulter, whom she suggested in several tweets dating to 2010 and 2011 was a man. “I want to apologize to the trans community and to Ann,” she said.

Originally, Mediaite unearthed the quotes on Reid’s blog, which has been dormant. But the Internet never forgets, and even though Reid previously apologized for blog remarks uncovered by the site in December, she now claimed the newly discovered comments were the work of tampering.




The homophobic blog posts in question, which came to light in to December, speculated that Republican governor of Florida Charlie Crist was a closeted gay man and married a woman as a coverup. The blog also included posts degrading lesbians, condemning gay sex, promoting offensive gay stereotypes and how Reid couldn’t watch Brokeback Mountain.

Reid since has apologized for the Crist speculation, saying that she regretted “the way I addressed the complex issue of the closet and speculation on a person’s sexual orientation with a mocking tone and sarcasm.”


Caught red-handed with her trousers down, Reid initially deferred to evil hackers who she maintained infiltrated her blog and wrote all those nasty things that no one on the Left would ever so profoundly utter. Hateful words!   And even more insidiously, alien words!

In fact, she involved law enforcement (falsely, without a doubt) in her little tales of ass-covering cyber intrigue.



I wonder how often the word “Russians” was uttered in her duplicitous story-telling.  After all, it’s the most popular Leftist tool in the lack-of-accountability-shed, isn’t it?


The FBI also is investigating the homophobic posts from The Reid Report. On Wednesday, Reid’s lawyer said that an FBI investigation has been launched to probe for potential criminal activity on her site,

“We have received confirmation the FBI has opened an investigation into potential criminal activities surrounding several online accounts, including personal email and blog accounts, belonging to Joy-Ann Reid,” said her lawyer John H. Reichman in a statement. “Our own investigation and monitoring of the situation will continue in parallel, and we are cooperating with law enforcement as their investigation proceeds.”


Methinks that in the interim period between Reid’s oh-shit moment of initial damage control, and her admission to authoring anti-gay slurs, on today’s show, she went so far as to make some allegations born of panic and cowardice.

Alas, it was too late, the cat is out of the FBI bag.  Now they are “investigating” the hateful language on her dormant blog.  I hope the Feds realize Reid’s allegations are elaborate fiction before they come back to us with austere “evidence” of  Russian/Trump roots in the racial defacement of The Reid Report.



Racism takes the crown, sexism bows its head again, as it is determined which -ism Caster Semenya is the victim of…

Interesting that the mob rage concerning the case of Caster Semenya is crying racism.


Caster Semenya


They could have just as easily cried sexism.

I enjoying noting the disjunction in such cases for it highlights the victimhood carrot which is more worthy of attention in the current social climate.

Caster Semenya is the victim of racism for her race-related congenital testosterone boost. It’s not the fact she is a woman possessed of inordinate amounts of the male sex hormone.


The IAAF has been accused of “blatant racism” by the ruling party of South Africa, the African National Congress, over its new regulations on testosterone levels.

On Thursday the IAAF introduced the regulations aimed at athletes with Differences of Sex Development. The rules limit the testosterone levels of female athletes competing between 400m and a mile.

The rules will have an impact on Caster Semenya, South Africa’s world and Olympic 800m champion, who now has to take medication to lower her testosterone levels to keep competing at that distance. The South African minister of sport Tokozile Xasa described them ‘Caster Semenya Regulations’ as they are designed to disadvantage Caster in her career.”

The secretary general of the women’s league of the ANC, Meokgo Matuba, described the new regulations as the culmination of a “concerted effort to please some of sore racists losers who cannot afford to see a black female South African athletes dominating the world.”


Yes.  That’s it…we just can’t get used to these black female athletes who “suddenly” seem to be dominating sports competitions.  If anything, this is an affront to men and women for being forced to meet certain innate hormonal measures they have no control over.

Racism beats sexism.

Can we use IQ tests instead of blood hormone levels as qualifiers?