The Great Brown Race War when?

This is the one more likely to happen. Both sides, less restrained. Unconstrained by civilized niceties and driven by that race to the bottom mentality which is strongly anarchical and unfocused.

This is the face of the real race war.


Pedtro Reyes


A South Los Angeles business released surveillance video on Monday showing a local street vendor being beaten after he was robbed over the weekend in the Historic South-Central neighborhood.

Pedro Daniel Reyes was preparing to sell peanuts and other items in the area of South San Pedro Street and East 31st Street before dawn on Sunday morning when a group of six to seven people approached him and other street vendors and demanded money, according to his stepson.

Reyes was among three people hurt in the subsequent attack, but his injuries were the most serious because he tried to flee the robbers and was beaten for that reason, Los Angeles Police Department Lt. David Krumer told KTLA.

Grainy surveillance shows some of the assailants chasing down the victim and violently knocking him over near the middle of the street, right in front of the two vehicles the suspects pulled up in.


When disaffection consumes and they finally realize Donald Trump is here to stay, they will turn their sights on each other. And draw in the rest of American society.

The Great Brown Race War will be the nexus of the real race war.