Will Libby Schaaf have blood on her hands?



Libby Schaaf, Oakland mayor, tipster




Oakland Mayor, Libby Shaaf, is complicit.  Or on the way to being so


She is indirectly, perhaps directly, responsible for the criminal escape that has resulted in about 800 people walking free;  800 people who might been in ICE custody this very moment.


Over the weekend, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf alerted residents that she had heard from multiple sources that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would be conducting operations there imminently; she urged those in the country illegally to take precautions.


Oakland, like many California cities, has declared itself a sanctuary for those here illegally, and officials there have vowed to fight President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.




“The Oakland mayor’s decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased that risk for my officers and alerted criminal aliens – making clear that this reckless decision was based on her political agenda with the very federal laws that ICE is sworn to uphold,” [ICE acting director, Frank D.] Homan said in a statement on Tuesday.



Homan estimated that 800 criminals eluded capture due to Schaaf’s public warning to illegal aliens in Oakland and other Northern California cities.



Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan went after a California mayor for giving a heads-up to the illegal immigrant community right before raids targeted criminal aliens in the northern part of the state. 


Homan said on “Fox & Friends” that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s (D) warning was reckless and put his officers’ lives in greater danger. He also said around 800 criminal aliens were able to elude capture because of her warning.


“What she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to a whole community. This is beyond the pale,” he said. 


More than 150 arrests were made in a three-day sweep of the Oakland and Fresno areas. Schaaf declared in her alert that she was acting to keep families from being broken apart. 


“It is Oakland’s legal right to be a sanctuary city and we have not broken any laws. We believe our community is safer when families stay together,” she said on Saturday night.



Most curiously, what level of culpability do we assign the mayor of Oakland when one of those people who averted imprisonment and/or deportation due to her subversive warning kills their first innocent (if I was a betting man, I’d wager a DUI accident)?


What legal standard do we hold Schaaf to under such circumstances?  Perhaps she will squirrel out of it thanks to teams of high-priced lawyers, but ultimately, her final reckoning will be from the people of California, for we will know:  Libby Schaaf has blood on her hands.



Par for the course for politicians in this state.





North Carolina sentences inmate to self-inflicted capital punishment. You listening, Florida?


How absolutely fucking ludicrous is this??


About 600 miles north of Broward County, where that nebulous line between criminal and police is nearly indistinguishable, North Carolina exerts its own brand of punitive justice without lifting a finger or pulling a lever, literally.




David A. Woods, single-handedly completing the crime-punishment cycle.




An inmate serving a life sentence for murder died in an accident after stealing a city truck while on outdoor work detail in North Carolina on Monday.


The North Carolina Department of Public Safety said David A. Woods stole a truck belonging to the City of Lowell and was reported missing at 12:50 p.m. The truck later crashed alongside Interstate 85 in Gaston County, flipping multiple times along the side of the road and landing in a ditch, Charlotte ABC affiliate WSOC reported. Woods was killed in the accident.


“I seen that truck just going in the air and just flipping over, over, and over and going into this ravine right there,” eyewitness Ruth Varney told WSOC. “And then after that I’d seen a bunch of smoke and dirt and everything. It was pretty devastating.”



Woods was serving a life sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder in May 1995, according to the Department of Public Safety.




I commend Mr. Woods for is exemplary consideration of the taxpayer’s burden and righteously taking matters (and the needle) into his own hands.



The somewhat mysterious case of Timothy Cunningham.


And no, not mysterious in the sense that the Harvard Graduate is an AA.


And not entirely mysterious in that he went home sick on February 12 and has not been seen or heard since.







But mysterious and eerie and a little disturbing in that a person who was a high level contagion player, who was previously involved in coordination of public health responses to Ebola and Zika outbreaks, is uncharacteristically missing.




Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a Centers Disease Control and Prevention employee, who was last seen leaving work early nearly two weeks ago.


Timothy Cunningham, a 35-year-old commander in the U.S. Public Health Service, left work sick on Feb. 12 and has not been heard from since, WSB reported.


His parents said they later discovered his phone, wallet, car and keys as well as his dog at his Atlanta home. They told officers it was unusual for Cunningham to leave his pup alone and to be out of touch for so long.


Eleven days later, search efforts for Cunningham have grown from small flyer campaigns to groups both large and small canvasing the local community.


But perhaps, most troubling, is this.


His father, Terrell Cunningham, said he’d been in contact with his son “extensively” on Sunday, Feb. 11.


“I pinpoint Sunday because there were some exchanges via phone as well as text that alerted me to be concerned about our son,” he said.




What happened on February 11 which caused Cunningham’s father such consternation?







From Heavy:



Cunningham often advocated for standing up for disparity and speaking out against wrongs that you see happening in society. During his interview about his “40 Under 40” Award, he told the Atlanta Business Chronicle that Colin Kaepernick is one of the people under 40 that he admires because he’s “fearless for protesting against racial injustice and standing up for what is right.”




Forward puts the cart before the horse…it’s not a Jewish problem, it’s a gun problem.


Jay Michaelson at Forward presumes that “The NRA Has An Anti-Semitism Problem.”



This McCarthyite vision of a cancer destroying America, what Richard Hofstadter called “the paranoid style in American politics,” is classic populism. It posits a good, mostly rural, less educated, implicitly white Volk being undermined by a corrupt, mostly urban, over-educated, and foreign set of elites. Sometimes those elites are actual Jews controlling Hollywood, “the media,” banks, or political structures. Other times, they are “structural Jews” – foreigners, Communists, elites, or other outsider-insiders who don’t share the values of “the people.”


[NRA VP Wayne] LaPierre’s speech never mentioned the word “Jew.” And yet, nearly every example of the “enemy” was Jewish.

 “History proves it,” LaPierre said, to eruptions of roaring applause. “Every time, in every nation in which this political disease [socialism] rises to power, its citizens are repressed, their freedoms are destroyed, and their firearms are banned and confiscated. It is all backed in this country by the social engineering, and the billions, of people like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and more.”



Michaelson continues to conveniently infer disembodied and nefarious anti-Semitism.  When you assume the role of perpetual victim, the world is predator, and every word and action can be construed as an assault if you willingly allow it.




Now, I’m quite sure that LaPierre would deny that any of what he had to say was anti-Semitic. Some of his best friends are probably Jewish. For that matter, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller are Jewish (though the “internationalist” Kushner has been hit with some of the same animus).


But anti-Semitism, like racism, is an implicit bias, often not understood consciously. (For a revealing look at your own unconscious bias, take the Implicit Association Test.) And, like racism, it is not simply about prejudice against certain people, but about deeply held beliefs about who is “us” and who is “them,” who is inside and who is outside.


And, crucially, it is about structures of society: whether a country is great because of its diverse citizenry and rule of law, or whether it is great because of its majority culture, its symbols, and its patriotic unity.







That does not imply a Jewish problem;  it implies a cultural problem, of which Jews constitute an enormous part.  But it’s not “personal.”  White gun culture is at odds with the urban Jewish paradigm.  Like it or not, in the United States, guns represent White Christian culture, something Jewish, and modern American Liberal-Elitist culture, cannot fathom or tolerate through its affectations of open-mindedness.  At the forefront of the Liberal-Elitist and Jewish resistance to this American brand of White Christianity stands the Symbol of said autonomy:  guns.  Jews have a problem with the archetype of guns;  Liberal Elites share the same instinctual abhorrence.  Guns are the fulcrum of Liberal antagonism.  If it wasn’t guns, it would be Ford pick-up trucks, and if it wasn’t trucks, it would be trailer homes.  There will always be a White Christian archetypal trinket that urban elitist America will focus its wrath on.  Guns are very convenient at the moment for they are deadly and this deadliness is amplified to exponential levels of fear by mass shootings.  (Let’s disregard the fact that most guns simply are not involved in such dramatics).


Forward’s headline bespeaks of that yammering preachy victimhood which underlies most anti-gun hysteria.  There’s a problem with guns, to be sure, but anti-Semitism is the least of it.