Churches are next on the Left’s ban list…


Preposterous, of course, but it is the Left I’m talking about…


Multiple People Killed in Texas Church Shooting


A sheriff says a man walked into a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and started shooting, leaving multiple people dead.


The Wilson County News reports that Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt said the shooter has been taken down. It wasn’t immediately known how many people were killed and wounded or who carried out the attack.


First responders converged on the church in the small town southeast of San Antonio and helicopters are taking victims to hospitals.


Unless it was an Akbar incident, which I highly doubt. Oddly they don’t target American Christian landmarks for some reason…




Google Earth


Much ado about Podesta?


In today’s cyber environment and the free-wheeling bottomless whirlpool of information it offers, it is quite easy to become overwhelmed.  And a bit cynical, perhaps overly skeptical;  fittingly suspicious.


For instance.







Case #’s 17-206 and 17-207 temp like mirages of righteousness. But it’s the Russians, of course, who must be blamed. Typical leftist reflection tendencies.  Accurate or not, one must admit the ride is bouncy and exciting.  Promises and rumor gust like a frenzied cultural wind.  Out of all the apocryphal story-hood, there must be some reality, no?