The Ferocity of President Donald Trump.


I suspect there’s some, and lots of, frustration on the part of Trump supporters, especially the younger alt-rights, as they feel President Trump is not displaying enough ferocity, something which is indicative of his kowtowing to the bullying tactics of the Democrats and Left, despite the fact he is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.


The President!


Shouldn’t the chief executive have the power to do more and make his rants and tantrums count and be heard the world over? Shouldn’t he have more influence? It’s very easy to act the “keyboard President,” and in our fantasies lay waste to all detractors and Commies, and furthermore, to round up the naysayers and bring the Day of the Rope to a town square near us. It is no surprise that out of the demographic that is alienated the most from liberal America, a culture that idolizes cosmetic equality and politically-enforced social niceties above the well-being of its own citizens, emerges the most muffled and frustrated group in our country of “abundance.”


Then why, they silently plead, can’t Donald Trump express the rage and ferocity that suffuses their hearts?


Where did President Trump’s ferocity hide? Did it ever exist? Was it consumed by the inefficient proprieties of the Oval Office?








Despite his use of Twitter in a most unorthodox manner and the way he bleeds that platform dry for all the drama it affords, most people, even supporters, are a little uneasy with the practice of using a Bitch Medium (and that’s what Twitter is) to be bitchy. It is misplaced drama that is drama for the sake of being dramatic, but certainly, in a man’s world, ferocity is not exerted in words, but in actions. We love Donald Trump’s Tweeted bloviations of randomness, but perhaps his 140-word outbursts are not cathartic enough to satisfy his angry followers on that juicy visceral level they desire.


The tragic cul de sac is that Donald Trump’s ferocity has nowhere to go; the POTUS is, at most, a marionette in a suit and tie, upholding the mores of an increasingly degenerate, left-wing society.  And as the left slowly usurps popular dialog to sway the ignorant, the craving for Presidential Ferocity swells, but ferocity is muted and the American system is a sugary formula.



The Bento box killer captured in Tokyo


I made that up, but it’s true.



Tokyo police have arrested a man after finding “multiple” dismembered bodies in coolers in his apartment in a city southwest of the capital.


The 27-year-old suspect, Takahiro Shiraishi, confessed to cutting up the bodies after killing the victims and hiding them in cold-storage cases covered with cat litter, a police spokesman said Tuesday. Shiraishi said he did that to hide the evidence, police said.


Police first found the severed heads of two victims in coolers in the apartment’s entryway, then found the other seven while searching in the suspect’s apartment, local media reported.


Police also reportedly found a toolbox and a saw that they said may have been used to dismember the bodies. Shiraishi told police that he dismembered the bodies in his bathroom, and put out some of the body parts as garbage, Kyodo News agency reported.