Bret Stephens, neocon and former editor of The Jerusalem Post, uses the NYT as a platform to accelerate the American CWII.


They are relentless.  They know how to whittle away at public opinion. They are master manipulators of the collective cultural consciousness.


Bret Stephens, writing in a New York Times op-ed piece on Thursday, Repeal the Second Amendment, gets to the crux of the matter a few paragraphs in.  Can’t say we weren’t warned.  If we would only listen.



Repealing the Amendment may seem like political Mission Impossible today, but in the era of same-sex marriage it’s worth recalling that most great causes begin as improbable ones. Gun ownership should never be outlawed, just as it isn’t outlawed in Britain or Australia. But it doesn’t need a blanket Constitutional protection, either.



A Leftist, disguised as a Conservative, uttering an unspeakable refutation of this country’s essence. Since Donald Trump’s ascension, the Left’s dysfunction has seeped beyond the reasonable playing zones of yore, and it has unleashed dialogues that are astounding upon inception, but which, when volleyed about incessantly by the Leftist press and a gullible, consumerist American populace, become the norm and fixtures of cultural conversation. In time, the outlandish becomes the norm.  This is how the Left and all cultural Marxists roll. They don’t throw the full package at you;  they slowly drip their vile idealism into the pool of the collective mind and patiently wait for their aberrant motivations to usurp good sense.


Stephens begins,



I have never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment.


From a law-and-order standpoint, more guns means more murder. “States with higher rates of gun ownership had disproportionately large numbers of deaths from firearm-related homicides,” noted one exhaustive 2013 study in the American Journal of Public Health.



No shit, Sherlock. I’m glad you don’t need to be a political commentator to grasp simple statistics. Perhaps we can direct our resources toward education and reinforcement of good gun-owning behavior instead of voiding civil rights. Why don’t we do away with the automobile as well? As we’ve witnessed, they are quite easily weaponized.  The elemental problem is a human behavioral one, not a mechanical one.


He continues.



From a national-security standpoint, the Amendment’s suggestion that a “well-regulated militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State,” is quaint. The Minutemen that will deter Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are based in missile silos in Minot, N.D., not farmhouses in Lexington, Mass.

From a personal liberty standpoint, the idea that an armed citizenry is the ultimate check on the ambitions and encroachments of government power is curious. The Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s, the New York draft riots of 1863, the coal miners’ rebellion of 1921, the Brink’s robbery of 1981 — does any serious conservative think of these as great moments in Second Amendment activism?



I’ll repeat, again (but the 2nd Amendment-hating Left will simply not let itself care or hear): the ostensible symbolism of the Second Amendment is not simply guns.


The Second Amendment, especially in this avowedly modern and “sophisticated” age, and owing in part to the very point that Stephens and others of his ilk defer when condescendingly asserting that gun rights are quaint and outdated, is a powerful and timeless guiding principle of the uniquely American experience. I am not a gun owner, and the last time I fired a handgun was at a shooting range 20 years ago, but I aggressively support the Second Amendment with all my soul because it is what makes America, America. The Left never tires of citing the disjunction between American gun culture and that of the rest of the world  As if the rest of the world is so idyllic for its lack of Constitutionally-ordained gun rights.


For better, and for worse, guns are an American fixture and our right to own guns is a dogmatic patriotic ideal that transcends fear and the tendency of human imperfection. The Left capitalizes on emotionalism and myopic tremulousness in order to perpetuate diminishing of liberty. The Left is feminine in its affect and seeks to salve pain through totalitarianism rather than assumption of discomfort in order to stand for something, anything, loftier than its own base existence.


For the Left, it’s comfort before principle. And aversion to toil, for a wise and tireless commitment to gun safety education and culling of the artificially-bolstered American populace, would go much further toward helping this country assure its continued tradition of liberty, as expressed by the right to bear firearms, than a stupid trail of petty laws and the emotionalism spawned every time something “bad” happens.