Who are you, Marilou?


Most conspiracies are shit. Self-indulgent narrative forays into dramatization of droll events.


Mindful, objective examination and emotionless, detached consideration, are important and crucial. Conspiracy theories imply malfeasance at high levels but the very nature of high-level surreptitious operations is that they, in fact, remain hidden and invisible, perhaps in plain sight.


That said, I am not averse to “conspiracies,” but ultimately, I ask that you show me the money. Show me the goods. Thought experiments are fine, but let me see the data, the method. The proof, faggot.


Tell me about Marilou and I’ll sing you a song. Follow her movements, her motives, her history. She will take you down the rabbit hole, if in fact, there is a rabbit hole.






Tell me why she was conveniently in the Philippines when Stephen Paddock killed 59 people. Supposedly, she is Indonesian. How often does she visit the Philippines and how long was this trip planned?  Generally, trips to the Philippines are booked and planned well ahead of time; it was no surprise to anyone she was headed there.  In fact, it was probably anticipated.


Indonesia and Philippines are rife with a certain “group.”


Tell me about Marilou.