The Ferocity of President Donald Trump.


I suspect there’s some, and lots of, frustration on the part of Trump supporters, especially the younger alt-rights, as they feel President Trump is not displaying enough ferocity, something which is indicative of his kowtowing to the bullying tactics of the Democrats and Left, despite the fact he is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.


The President!


Shouldn’t the chief executive have the power to do more and make his rants and tantrums count and be heard the world over? Shouldn’t he have more influence? It’s very easy to act the “keyboard President,” and in our fantasies lay waste to all detractors and Commies, and furthermore, to round up the naysayers and bring the Day of the Rope to a town square near us. It is no surprise that out of the demographic that is alienated the most from liberal America, a culture that idolizes cosmetic equality and politically-enforced social niceties above the well-being of its own citizens, emerges the most muffled and frustrated group in our country of “abundance.”


Then why, they silently plead, can’t Donald Trump express the rage and ferocity that suffuses their hearts?


Where did President Trump’s ferocity hide? Did it ever exist? Was it consumed by the inefficient proprieties of the Oval Office?








Despite his use of Twitter in a most unorthodox manner and the way he bleeds that platform dry for all the drama it affords, most people, even supporters, are a little uneasy with the practice of using a Bitch Medium (and that’s what Twitter is) to be bitchy. It is misplaced drama that is drama for the sake of being dramatic, but certainly, in a man’s world, ferocity is not exerted in words, but in actions. We love Donald Trump’s Tweeted bloviations of randomness, but perhaps his 140-word outbursts are not cathartic enough to satisfy his angry followers on that juicy visceral level they desire.


The tragic cul de sac is that Donald Trump’s ferocity has nowhere to go; the POTUS is, at most, a marionette in a suit and tie, upholding the mores of an increasingly degenerate, left-wing society.  And as the left slowly usurps popular dialog to sway the ignorant, the craving for Presidential Ferocity swells, but ferocity is muted and the American system is a sugary formula.



The Bento box killer captured in Tokyo


I made that up, but it’s true.



Tokyo police have arrested a man after finding “multiple” dismembered bodies in coolers in his apartment in a city southwest of the capital.


The 27-year-old suspect, Takahiro Shiraishi, confessed to cutting up the bodies after killing the victims and hiding them in cold-storage cases covered with cat litter, a police spokesman said Tuesday. Shiraishi said he did that to hide the evidence, police said.


Police first found the severed heads of two victims in coolers in the apartment’s entryway, then found the other seven while searching in the suspect’s apartment, local media reported.


Police also reportedly found a toolbox and a saw that they said may have been used to dismember the bodies. Shiraishi told police that he dismembered the bodies in his bathroom, and put out some of the body parts as garbage, Kyodo News agency reported.


Binge watching is evil…beware of obsessive indulgence.


Last night I began to “surf” the Netflix offerings that dribbled by on our Roku homepage.


I was intrigued by a Netflix production (and there are so many now) called “1922” based on the Stephen King novella.  The trailer did what all good trailers must do…it piqued my interest and made me stay.  As I watched, I made audible sounds of interest which is my non-communicative manner of saying “Wow, I want to check this out.”


My s/o, nearby, listening while she played games on her phone, scolded, “Why don’t you try finish watching something you’ve already started?”


It was not an angry or nagging reminder, but the observation was obviously intended to express frustration with my decidedly unbinge-like television behavior.  I do not binge.  I hate the idea of binge watching.  In fact, I would argue that television binging, while harmless on its surface, is emblematic of the dysfunctional state of Western culture today.


I concurred with a grunt and said I just wanted to check the trailer out, not that I was going to watch “1922” in defiance of the fact that I have about 6 other online shows I’m currently “watching” in splintered bouts of viewership.  I am quite capable of watching multiple shows during protracted periods in which ultimately, I finish nothing quickly.


I might watch show A, episode 3, and after I’m done, jump to show D, episode 7.  And if I’m especially in the mood, I might jump to show X, the pilot.  And this does not happen over a series of consecutive days!  Ultimately, it might take me several months to finish one season of anything.  That’s the way my mind works; I enjoy shit in dribs and drabs.  I was born in the 1960’s and I was raised on weekly airings of shows.  I’m used to waiting; I was evolutionary designed this way.  Something people don’t seem to have the patience for anymore.


So in addition to “1922,” which I’ll watch eventually, I am currently juggling a few shows:  Ozark, Big Mouth, Fortitude, Stranger Things 2, Mindhunter and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I watch whichever show, whichever episode, when the mood strikes.  I find it nearly impossible to sit in front of the television for more than 2 consecutive episodes of any specific show.  I don’t find it enjoyable or rewarding to entertain my television thus.  I prefer to watch something, digest it, dwell on it, ruminate perhaps.  This is my idea of enjoying each series’ solitary fruition.  I’ll go back to “living” after the show is done, and when the mood strikes, come back to the next episode, tomorrow or next week or next month.  You never know.


Binge watching is evidence of the sick state of mind that afflicts modern culture.  Obsessive indulgence.


What is it we enjoy about constant overabundance and immersion in activities and sensory feedback to the point where feedback is dulled with overexposure?  We are drawn to inundation of senses to the point of dullness.  We are a fat, hedonistic, numb society and rather than seeking distinction of experience and serenity of the perfect moment, we race ahead of ourselves, unable to keep pace with our subsumed ego.

House Intelligence Committee and Fusion GPS decide to pull the wool over our eyes…behind closed doors.


I suspect this latest “development” in the unearthing of anti-Trump forces who procured a politicking franchise by the name of “Fusion GPS” is in danger of drowning beneath the din of noisier headlines lauding Trump’s Russian “connections” when, in fact, we should be paying serious to this peripheral connection that is hard-pressed to get the media attention it deserves.


The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the funding associated with the 2016 Presidential election led it to issue a subpoena to Fusion GPS and its bank on October 4.  Fusion GPS fought back with a lawsuit, unwilling to part with its mysteriously mysterious bank records. This weekend, with Robert Mueller’s indictments in the queue for Monday, an agreement was “struck” between the investigatory body and the anti-Trump franchise.



“The emergency legal action taken last week by Fusion GPS helped the company honor its legal obligations and protect its First Amendment rights,” Fusion GPS lawyer Joshua Levy said in a statement. “Today’s result required the involvement of the Court to strike the balance between Congress’ right to information and our client’s privileges and legal obligations.”


The committee issued a statement confirming a deal.


“The parties have reached an agreement related to the House Intelligence Committee’s subpoena for Fusion GPS’s bank records that will secure the Committee’s access to the records necessary for its investigation,” the committee statement said.


Revelations about the funding of the research into Trump’s business, which the House committee was hoping to reveal via subpoena, answered one of the biggest mysteries of the 2016 presidential campaign.


On Friday, representatives of The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, informed the committee that it first hired Fusion GPS during the 2016 Republican presidential primary to conduct opposition research on Trump and several GOP presidential candidates.



In retrospect, the Free Beacon’s divulgence seems a bit too pat, uneasily convenient, in the wake of the today’s announced settlement. The Free Beacon was a little free with its excessively timely admission, if you ask me.



“The Free Beacon had no knowledge of or connection to the Steele dossier, did not pay for the dossier, and never had contact with, knowledge of, or provided payment for any work performed by Christopher Steele,” the Beacon editors said in a statement.


The research effort expanded in March 2016 under financing from Democrats. The Washington Post first reported Tuesday that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign later retained Fusion GPS to conduct research.



The startling, abrupt end to the Intelligence Committee’s request for banking records belonging to the firm hired by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by anti-American Democrats, under such confidential and surreptitious cover is troubling.


What exactly was the pressing time element that required such “emergency legal action” in defense of Fusion GPS’s First Amendment rights?


I will repeat Joshua Levy’s legal statement on behalf of Fusion because it is dubious and because it begs more questions than all the back-door deals can possibly address.


“The emergency legal action taken last week by Fusion GPS helped the company honor its legal obligations and protect its First Amendment rights. Today’s result required the involvement of the Court to strike the balance between Congress’ right to information and our client’s privileges and legal obligations.”


First Amendment right to…stay in business?



The opposition research firm behind the Trump dossier says that a House Intelligence Committee subpoena seeking its bank records has a good chance of “ruining” its business, as well as of putting its clients’ safety at risk.


The firm, Fusion GPS, also argued in a late-night court filing that the subpoena, issued earlier this month for TD Bank, will have a “chilling” effect on the First Amendment and privacy rights of it and its clients.


“In short, compliance with this subpoena will not only harm Plaintiff’s business, it has a high likelihood of ruining it,” reads one of the arguments presented by Fusion GPS in court papers filed in federal court in Washington, D.C.


Fusion’s argument is part of a mad dash effort to prevent the House committee from finding out who hired the firm to investigate Trump. That question has remained a closely-held secret ever since the dossier, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, was published by BuzzFeed in January.


Fusion has refused to identify its clients in response to numerous lawsuits filed against the firm as well as against BuzzFeed and Steele. Fusion founder Glenn Simpson also refused to identify clients during an Aug. 22 interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee.


“The breadth of the subpoena will cause harm to the businesses of Fusion’s clients and contractors and also subject those clients and contractors to harassment, fear of cyberattacks and hacking attempts, and, in some instances, danger to their physical safety,” Fusion’s argument reads.


To support its claim, Fusion included anonymous declarations from nine of its clients, none of who were involved in the dossier, asserting that they did not want their identities revealed by the release of the bank records.


“It is possible that revelation of my association with Fusion GPS could lead to my safety being placed in jeopardy,” declared one Fusion client, who also expressed concern that their company “will become the subject of media attention and politicized scrutiny.”



Conveniently, The Washington Free Beacon‘s admission that it was the genesis of Fusion GPS’s murky existence only implies their role in kick-starting the anti-Trump franchise. They extricated themselves from the vehicle long before it became toxic; apparently, many firms who were affiliated with Fusion GPS were not quite so forward-thinking, causing them to hide behind legal maneuvers and First Amendment manipulations in order to maintain their hides.   The agreement arrangement between Fusion GPS and the Intelligence Committee, overseen by an Obama-appointed judge, is a hypocritical charade of formalities that will continue behind closed doors and away from prying eyes.







Stay tuned for a very freaky Halloween week culminating on November 4….


In the spirit of full, spooky disclosure.


Stay tuned for a freaky Halloween week.







Trump Tells State Department to Release All Remaining Hillary Clinton Emails ASAP


As previously reported, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Monday morning that the Tillerson State Department is sitting on 76,000 Clinton docs that weren’t supposed to be released until the year 2020.


The State Department also recently admitted it discovered 2,800 Huma Abedin docs on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Tom Fitton said of his experience in dealing with emails on Weiner’s laptop that the documents most likely contain classified information.



Among many scintillations, the most arousing:


* Trump orders release of all Clinton emails

* Mueller’s mysterious indictments

* Antifas planned day of unrest