NFL’s Concern-Kneeling spreads to MLB.


I haven’t been horribly upset by the Concern-Kneeling affecting football, and most recently, baseball.  I don’t particularly  care what athletes, celebrities or musicians think about politics, Black rights or Donald Trump. These people are highly-paid, highly-adulated performing monkeys but ultimately, they provide no substance or meaning to this society we call “America.” They are predominantly stupid, ignorant people who don’t deserve the public podium simply because they can perform trivial tricks like singing or throwing a football. They do nothing, are worth less. They are cultural flotsam and jetsam, Their opinion matters little to me and should matter little to anyone.







Athletics’ rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell did not stand for the National Anthem on Saturday night. He’s the first MLB player to do so and, like other professional athletes before him, used the moment to send a message — not just to shed light on the lack of racial equality in the United States, but to specifically protest President Donald Trump’s suggestion that NFL owners fire any of their players who elect to protest the anthem by sitting or kneeling.


While Maxwell didn’t make his own statement to the media, he took to Instagram earlier in the day to express his frustration against the recent opposition to the protests, criticizing the President for endorsing “division of man and rights.”


Despite Trump’s profanity-laced directive to NFL owners on Friday, however, it’s clear the Athletics don’t share his sentiments. “The Oakland A’s pride ourselves on being inclusive,” the team said in a statement released after Maxwell’s demonstration. “We respect and support all of our players’ constitutional rights and freedom of expression.”




This plague of “Concern-Kneeling” that has swept the millionaire sports leagues means little to me, but I am upset by an aspect of the behavior.  I hate the blind, ignorant conformity endemic to the political expression of these athletes.  Their showboating displays of “civil disobedience” are as facile as the dubious displays of superstition. Concern-Kneeling is blind conformity of the type that imbeciles collectively join in unison while failing to comprehend the simple fact that public displays of “defiance” by overpaid prima donnas mean little to most logical people and can only serve to bring shame and disgust on themselves, for most sports fans do not give a shit, and non-sports fans give even less of a shit about their nonsensical opinions.