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Q: The 2008 housing bubble is to the present-day education bubble as unqualified minority enrichment is to _______ ?




According to a depressing new report released this week by the American Association of University Women, women hold nearly two-thirds of this country’s student debt ― or a whopping $833 billion in outstanding loans. (And that’s probably a low-ball estimate, because the report doesn’t capture women who enroll and take on a whole lot of debt but don’t graduate.)


Oh, and female graduates also have a significantly harder time paying those loans off ― making it clear that the student loan crisis is now most definitely a women’s issue.


“Time spent in college now sometimes means unmanageable student debt that drags down those seeking greater opportunity, especially low-income women, women of color, and women who drop out before completing a degree or credential,” Patricia Fae Hoe, board chair of the AAUW ― an advocacy and research group ― wrote in a forward to the report.



Unfortunately, black women are hit particularly hard by all of this. Roughly a third of black women who got a bachelor’s degree in 2011-2012 left with more than $40,000 in student loan debt, versus just 16 percent of Latina women, 10 percent of white women and 8 percent of Asian-American women.


And overall, women of all races and ethnicities take longer than men to pay off their loans ― thanks (yes, again) in large part to the persistent gender pay gap, which means they tend to earn less than men throughout their careers, even after spending all that money on an education.





Jeremy Christian worshiped Kek *


* And Bernie too, apparently…

Well, we didn’t need to dig into the imagination bin very deeply to foresee this.


And we surely didn’t need to reach deeply into that same bin to foresee the predictable quasi-moral outrage of the left and MSM either, did we?


PopMedia will stop at nothing in order to adulate and sanctify a religion sated with hate, violence and oppression for the sake of criticizing Western civilization, and now that there are hints Jeremy Christian dabbled in the alt-right scene, the Left’s salivation is downright oceanic.



[Jeremy] Christian had been a prominent and vocal participant in recent “alt-right” rallies in Portland. At a “free speech rally” in Montavilla City Park on 29 April he was captured on video wrapped in an American flag, giving Nazi salutes.







Whenever an example of right-wing “extremism” bubbles to the surface, the Left digs its jaws into it while neglecting to address the broader issues from which such reactions were instigated.  We can’t all be as sweet and accepting as they…surely there is nothing wrong with self-protective displays of anger to external attacks by murderous marauders?



Christian’s Facebook page revealed obsessive concern with far right themes. In recent weeks he posted memes and other material attacking “anti-fascist” protesters who have clashed with various “alt-right” rallies around the country. In the lead-up to the April rally, he posted: “Looking for a couple guys or gals down to unmask anyone wear[ing] a mask at the upcoming Free Speech March”, referring to the antifascist practice of disguising protesters’ identities.


Christian also posted openly antisemitic and neo-Nazi material. On 9 May, he claimed to have challenged Nuremberg prosecutor Ben Ferencz to a debate, in which “I will defend the Nazis”. The same day, he posted “Hail Vinland!!! Hail Victory!!!”, combining a familiar catchphrase that was used at a post-election rally by the activist Richard Spencer with the far-right concept of “Vinland”.


The attack on Friday came just a week before another “free speech rally” in downtown Portland, planned for 4 June. The event is being organized by Patriot Prayer, the group that organized the event in April, and will feature a number of national “alt-right” celebrities. Anti-fascists are organizing a counter-protest.


One of the main anti-fascist groups organizing that protest, Rose City Antifa, issued a rare press release late on Saturday. It said Christian was “merely one of many white supremacists who attended a number of recent rallies organized by Vancouver, Washington video blogger Joey Gibson”. Gibson leads the Patriot Prayer group.


Rose City Antifa recommitted to opposing the “free speech” rally next Saturday, saying that “on 4 June the Portland community will say ‘No!’ to fascism, as a warning to white supremacists that their organizing will not be tolerated in our communities”.




The irony is delicious; antifa’s counter-demonstration of a free speech rally, redolent of their own brand of fascism, but no one in PopMedia calls it that.