For the Left, diversity is only skin deep; thus one must be the ideological samurai.


Was FDNY Lieutenant Timothy Dluhos not exactly the smartest tool in the shed for the things he said? Especially considering his high-profile position?


Yup, not quite.





And now his career is in shambles, courtesy of the New York Post.


Dluhos lacked common sense and is stupid not for what he said, but for what he did, and failed to do.


His words are every bit as relevant as anyone’s in this “open” society. If the subject matter of his rantings is unpopular and perhaps a tad antithetical to the jovial good tastes of our collective love-the-world-fest in the West, so be it. Unorthordox views and opinions are the true “diversity” and “vibrancy” we should cherish as a free, intelligent society.


The Left’s idea of diversity is only skin deep. Intellectual and political diversity? Ehh…they don’t like that so much.


Timothy Dluhos was dumb for allowing himself to be doxed.


Either you own your opinions shamelessly and boldly, or you espouse them with utmost caution. And like a good idealogical samurai, you resign yourself to absolute exposure. You integrate utter acceptance that your views are known to the world and from thence your life is settled.   Peace is abundant as soon as you become the exposed man, always known, never hidden.  Feel that, absorb it, live it.  Everything you say online is known to the world, feel that.   Live that.  Even though not today, maybe tomorrow, someone will know and you will be called to account.


Be a good ideological samurai.


You won’t have to cower in the stoop and cry like a baby.