Anti-Trump leftist displays are a collective form of “performance art.” Today’s piece is called Le Screech d’SJW.


If you’re the type of person who fights to keep from pulling your hair and teeth out when a baby or infant screeches in the seat next to you wherever you may be, this video might be best viewed with the volume turned way down.


And if you’re the type who fights to keep from pulling your brains out when witnessing the farcical antics of today’s HystericalLeft, you might simply avoid this Tweeted video of what took place when a man, carrying a Trump sign on a Washington college campus, encountered a campus liberal loon.






There’s a tendency on the part of many people, when viewing this travesty, to assume insanity and mental illness to explain the derangement away, but as I watched the body language of this crazy wench, there was an alternative awareness…she is not insane.


She is trolling. This is no tantrum.   A tantrum excuses her behavior as a phenomenon that is beyond her conscious control.  Bullshit.  She knows what she’s doing.  We have had no shortage of such hyperbolic public displays of childish petulance since election night last November. Leftists have responded with a resounding display of extreme histrionics and it’s become difficult to distinguish between insanity and audience manipulation.


It’s performance art.


The left has responded with performance art as a display of leftist statement and it lacks all rhyme or reason; the innate illogical foundational structure of these displays confounds, and makes sane people seek an identifiable explanation, but they fail to recognize that performance art really needs no reason.




Le Screech d’SJW




I continued to watch the video and at 1:40, the videographer basically stated that which had occurred to me at the beginning of this video.


Leftists are engaging in collective displays of performance art for attention-getting and message building. And like most performance art, it is sorely lacking in profundity.  It attempts to compensate for this absence of substance with cosmetic conspicuousness through exaggerated sounds, visuals and odors.


We can call this piece “Le Screech d’SJW.”