A shitty reason…


And now, I bring you, a wicked dose of understated morbidity.


My favorite sort.
The kind that does’t slap you in the face; it’s the kind that gnaws angrily into the subcutaneous layers of your soul and which, after several rattled moments, suddenly dawns horrifically across your foggy vision.






I appreciate alternative “angles” or perspectives, as you wish, which distort vapid unquestioned platitudes and twist them darkly, exposing that underbelly which hides in every well-intentioned “truism.


A corollary to this comic is the annoying observation people make when confronted with less than favorable outcomes, or presented with a set of circumstances that appears to promise as much. They say , soothingly, “everything happens for a reason.”


Well duh.


And mostly everything happens for really shitty reasons.  A shitty reason is nevertheless, a reason.