Race war begins (began) when…? The Bloods, the Crips and the…Kappa’s?


It appears Kendrex White, the stabbing suspect in yesterday’s knife rampage at the University of Texas, Austin, had an agenda. And it didn’t involve getting his stupid first name a little worldly recognition.



Kendrex White was taken into custody Monday by police following a machete rampage on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin that left one dead and three injured. In 2012, White, now a student at the university, made a video at his Killeen, Texas home that showed White and classmates reenacting the murders of whites, including with knives.






And it wasn’t about avenging whitey for all the “wrongs” inflicted on poor Blacks for that last million (or 2) years.   And assuredly not about avenging the world for his ridiculous first name.







His agenda had nothing to do with making clownish anti-White videos.







It was about gang warfare. It was about retribution against that annoying Greek gang symbolism found at institutions of higher learning.


I’m comforted to know White’s “random” rampage was not an issue of race.



Another student reported rumors on campus that the students may have been targeted for being part of a fraternity and that victims “were supposedly stabbed for wearing Greek letters.”