Hasan Minhaj (née Apu) seeks to make funnies while trouncing President Trump and fails.


Seems the only people who find these gender-neutral lisping lefty self-appointed “comedians” funny are others of the same unfunny ilk.


I don’t keep abreast of Hollywood much, but I must ask:  who the hell is this tiresome Hasan Minhaj “funnyman” who used his podium time at the White House correspondent’s dinner (the one Donald Trump famously did not attend) to tear the President apart in that smugly ingratiating manner which strongly begs for an iron fist right upside that submissive cuck jaw?




Hasan Minhaj, man struggling to be funny



Did anyone actually find his monologue the least bit hilarious?


Funnier, to me, is the bug-eyed appearance of this raging pork-abstainer.


Doesn’t look like the crowd was exactly rolling on the floor.  The left struggles to be funny amidst its droll politicking but alas, the only who find it entertaining are those who nod in lefty commiseration.  It’s a pity show and nothing more.







Guaranteed to put you to sleep in less time it took him to sculpt his ‘do, I bring you Hasan Minhaj at the Washington Correspondent’s dinner.  Say cheese.







The resemblance between Minhaj and his much funnier counterpart, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, is quite uncanny.






Now that would be a show.






Redefining “brawn” in our post-evolutionary era.


See, I have no problem whatsoever commemorating the innate emotional strength of some women. Many women, and many men, especially of the older generations, possess an inner strength that was born of economic and military turmoil.


Life was hard and it made for resilient people.  People with “backbone.”






Even in this era of hedonistic modernity and luxurious laziness, there are those whose individual lives call for an inner strength that few of their peers share.


There is this strength.   An “inner” strength, indefinable, immutable stoicism and resilience in the face of adversity, great and small.


Women may possess it; men, as well. It is a character trait, and as such, does not infer physicality.


There is also physical strength which is the sort obviously possessed by very few.  It’s not exactly a stretch of our observational powers to note that physical strength is in the hands of almost exclusively males. Human evolution, through millions of years, has harbored no illusions about who it grants physical strength to.  Evolution has seen no reason to humor or sate the delicate sensibilities that modern, sheltered humans are fond of exhibiting for the sake of communal superficialities and self-conscious virtuosity.


A brand like Brawny paper towels created its reputation, an image, centered around the ideal of masculine strength as a metaphor for the advertised strength of an absorbent paper product that stands to the physical ravages of moisture.


Simple as that.  The image and verbiage for Brawny paper towels is one of physical strength.





But in our post-evolutionary era of facile niceties, it’s not acceptable to acknowledge physical strength purely for what it is and what it symbolizes:   power.


Now we must cloud and blur the concept of strength so as to be all-inclusive so that all permutations of the adjective are assuaged and that the concept of power be neutered.


As an anonymous internet commenter noted somewhere on the electronic frontier:



tfw you live in a world where brands of toilet paper are taking political stances
This world is fucking crazy





Los Angeles city council candidate, Joe Bray-Ali, has seen the end of his political career thanks to “noticing.”


Joe Bray-Ali brought up a good question back in 2008. A very good question, and I demand an answer now, 9 years later!





The question he posed is something that has always baffled me.  Here is the question he posited to Gustavo Arellano, aka, “Ask A Mexican” on his Youtube channel.






That is a damned excellent question. You see, I’m Mexican and even I don’t know the answer. Arellano’s answer certainly makes sense, and in fact I’m inclined to believe it: Mexicans do in fact tend to operate with the volume level turned up much higher than other ethnicities. Everything we do is rendered loud.  There is a high-decibel din attending all Mexican existence.  Talking, partying, dressing: we are a loud people.


That would certainly explain the tendency of Mexicans to use car horns instead of doorbells (or even cell phones, not mentioned in this 9-year-old video). I can attest to this cold, hard fact after having lived in East Los Angeles for over 10 years. How many times were my nerves jarred by the sudden and persistent honking of a big rusty old Chevy as it beckoned prospective passengers out the front door at 6:30 in the morning?


There is one problem for Bray-Ali, however, regardless of the pertinence of his question.


It just so happens that today he is challenging incumbent L.A. city councilman Gil Cedillo for the city council seat in Los Angeles’ 1st District, east of downtown, a heavily Hispanic area. And he’s left quite a flowery trail of online bread crumbs which will only serve to mortify the most ardent of socially conscious liberals (which in Los Angeles constitutes about 95% of its residents).







Joe Bray-Ali, the small business owner and bike activist giving City Council incumbent Gil Cedillo a run for his District 1 seat, is the author behind several provocative online posts on a Reddit-like online forum called Voat. As recently as a little over a year ago, Bray-Ali made comments on a racist forum called “v/Niggers,” as well as comments on “v/FATPEOPLEHATE,” a forum devoted to mocking overweight individuals. Bray-Ali also wrote on a separate Voat thread that gender reassignment surgery for transgender individuals should be “criticized as a shameful excess.”
Bray-Ali has confirmed that he made the comments in question, and apologized for their content. He also deleted all his comments on Voat sometime late Tuesday night or very early Wednesday morning (the links below now just link to the threads where he commented; see screenshots for Bray-Ali’s actual comments).


Bray-Ali, who’s earned two endorsements for his run from the Los Angeles Times, isn’t new to controversial comments made online. As the Times reported last week, the candidate apologized through his spokesperson, Michael Atkins, to anyone who may have been offended by a 2008 video in which Bray-Ali asked why his Mexican neighbors “think that their car’s horn is a doorbell.”



Much more recently, under the username ubrayj02—which the CD1 candidate has used as his MySpace, Flickr, and YouTube handle for more than a decade—Bray-Ali made a number of offensive comments on Voat.


Bray-Ali participated on a forum called “/v/Niggers/,” where he commented on several videos of black youth fighting with headlines such as “Elementary Zoo fight” and “Sheboons fighting at a gas station,” discussing their brawling skills as well as commenting on their appearances. On one video, Bray-Ali says that “the cameraman is a fucking retard,” when describing the quality of a video depicting a fight in a Maryland mall.





Great. Sounds like Bray-Ali might have dabbled in the alt-right arena and now he’s facing off against a Hispanic political fixture in Los Angeles. Bray-Ali’s downfall is his whimpering ass-covering in response to this exposure of his cyberpast. Seems his comments were part of a grand plan.  He’s not quite what we think.


He told the Los Angeles Times, “Many of the things that I wrote, I didn’t even believe them when I wrote them. I was trying to have an argument with racists online. I found a place where they go and I tried to spark an argument with them.”


Apologies will get you nowhere, especially when they are pathetic and half-hearted. Bray-Ali needs to grab his balls, stand strong and quit coughing up these embarrassing and lukewarm regrets.


Besides, given his cybertrail, I’d venture to guess he’ll never have lunch in this left-wing town again.



Obama’s “do, not be” platitude.


Reckon that, another Barackian platitude.


Lacking in substance but oozing in artifice and flair. This is the Obama people “miss.” In fact, that is all Barack Obama was for 8 years. An empty shell spouting niceties that slapped us in the face with their harsh, inner-city driven, big-city politician brand of naiveté.




Behind each relentless Democratic/Liberal appeal to this fantastical level of human saintliness, there is the repudiation of good sense and reality.







One thing he forgets to mention: most people, humans in general, and especially those found predominantly in Obama’s focus groups, want to do nothing while being everything.