Masculinity is sin but you may now “confess” your primal transgression away…


Being a man is an evil, noxious thing in today’s world.


How dare you allow testosterone to drive your instincts and to shape your emotive reactions! You are a sinner by being male.


Absolve yourself of this putrid masculinity, now. Renounce that which evolution took millions of years to shape and mold. Eschew your innate maleness. Be a hollowed out shell of a person (gender neutral, of course) so as not to cast any preordained gender expectations and thus, escape the damning plague of masculinity which reigns ruthlessly over humanity.


Feel the male guilt, be one with women.


Repent, Man!



A Canadian university is hosting a four-day event where students may enter a “confessional booth” to reconcile the “sin” of “hypermasculinity.”


The University of Regina in Canada and the “Man Up Against Violence” initiative organized a series of breakfasts, workshops, and other social gatherings this week at its Saskatchewan campus. The project, which runs Monday through Thursday, seeks to “redefine what it means to be a man.”


“Meet up with [University of Regina Students’ Union] members and make a confession,” the group’s website reads. “We have all reinforced hypermasculinity one way or another regardless of our gender! … Come and share your sins so we can begin to discuss how to identify and change our ways!”



“Redefine” your self-concept of masculinity and fall in line with the charade of gender egalitarianism. Masculinity is sin!  The confession booth awaits to cleanse your shamelessly male soul.