MSNBC’s agenda in a long, slender screenshot (and it’s not Rachel Maddow’s neck).


I wonder if the leftist shills at MSNBC are aware of the concept/existence of news aggregators, and that such services are capable of displaying MSNBC’s string of anti-Trump headlines in one towering column of deranged slanted journalism.


Actually, this is 2017.  Surely they are aware.


The question becomes: do they give a flying fuck?


I hardly think so.


Spearheaded by this dykish giraffe, the news outfit lays bare its motivations everyday for anyone who chooses to surf its liberal-friendly offerings.







One glimpse at my aggregator’s “ Latest Headlines” earlier confirms my instinctive suspicions. It not only seems they finagle every single instance of Donald Trump into a negative, sarcasm-laced ambulation.  The headlines say it all.


They are by far one of the most steadfast liberal “mainstream” sites and can’t even be bothered with the pretense of objectivity any longer, not in the Era of Trump.


These are the information-dispersal organizations whose primary goal is to lull a largely ignorant and apathetic American audience into a comatose acceptance of the predominant, DNC-approved Democratic liberal talking points for the day.


This is what President Trump’s administration is up against.  In the MSM’s world, there is no room for the “other side.”  None whatsoever.






Let’s hope that with tomorrow’s dawning of “Year Zero,” these scoundrels can be put out to pasture where they can mentally masturbate over the Clinton’s and Obama’s all day long.