Libs Scaring Big – Jake Fuentes of Medium spins a typical left-wing yarn about the Big Bad Trump Machine.


The tired, desperate anti-Trump left, having been foiled and reduced to pathetic masquerade processions of stupidity (ie, protests), are now resorting to grandiose quasi-historical cautionary tales in which said authors defer to a vague sequence of historic events as a template for a mission whose ultimate goal is the destruction and devolution surely about to befall today’s dystopian Trump society.


The anti-Trump libs are imprinting their fears upon imaginary boogeyman scenarios in which all the requisite socio-cultural elements have been conjured by the new revolutionary POTUS in a dazzling display of premeditation through layer upon layer of anticipatory strategy.


In today’s installment of Libs Scaring Big, there is this piece form Jake Fuentes at Medium.


Titled “The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It,” Fuentes embarks on a long, layered recursive chain of cautionary events which, with each subsequent unfolding progression, becomes exponentially more laughable and pragmatically challenged.


After reading Fuentes’ fear-mongering postulations, one is left with a sense of narrative unease for in reality it becomes clear that Fuentes has spun a contrived narrative that is erected around the presumed motivations of an chain of events so intertwined as to elude all human meddling or design.


In 7 astounding and specific chronologically unlikely steps, Fuentes establishes a fictional chain of events that sends rivets of horror down his fragile liberal spine. The big bad Trump machine, of course, is behind this ingenious design to “consolidate power” and thus wreck havoc on this glorious experiment in social justice that Barack Obama left us in his saintly tenure in office.


These are Fuentes’ 7 alerts as told from the perspective of a Trump administration “insider” seeking to conglomerate power over the United States. Oh…these are entirely conjectural, but that never stopped the timid left from draining every last drop of panic from their pet frets.  I cite this as an example of the anti-Trump left’s convoluted self-fulfillment  and delusion.


  1. We launch a series of Executive Orders in the first week. Beforehand, we identify one that our opponents will complain loudly about and will dominate the news cycle. Immigration ban. Perfect.

  2. We craft the ban to be about 20% more extreme than we actually want it to be — say, let’s make the explicit decision to block green card holders from defined countries from entering the US, rather than just visa holders.  We create some confusion so that we can walk back from that part later, but let’s make sure that it’s enforced to begin with.

  3. We watch our opposition pour out into the streets protesting the extremes of our public measure, exactly as we intended. The protests dominate the news, but our base doesn’t watch CNN anyway.  The ACLU will file motions to oppose the most extreme parts of our measure, that’s actually going to be useful too. We don’t actually care if we win, that’s why we made it more extreme than it needed to be. But in doing so, the lawsuit process will test the loyalty of those enforcing what we say.

  4. While the nation’s attention is on our extreme EO, slip a few more nuanced moves through. For example, reconfigure the National Security Council so that it’s led by our inner circle. Or gut the State Department’s ability to resist more extreme moves. That will have massive benefits down the road — the NSC are the folks that authorize secret assassinations against enemies of the state, including American citizens. Almost nobody has time to analyze that move closely, and those that do can’t get coverage.

  5. When the lawsuits filed by the ACLU inevitably succeed, stay silent. Don’t tell the DHS to abide by the what the federal judge says, see what they do on their own. If they capitulate to the courts, we know our power with the DHS is limited and we need to staff it with more loyal people. But if they continue enforcing our EO until we tell them not to, we know that we can completely ignore the judicial branch later on and the DHS will have our back.

  6. Once the DHS has made their move, walk back from the 20% we didn’t want in the first place. Let the green card holders in, and pretend that’s what we meant all along. The protestors and the ACLU, both clamoring to display their efficacy, jump on the moment to declare a huge victory. The crowds dissipate, they have to go back to work.

  7. When the dust settles, we have 100% of the Executive Order we originally wanted, we’ve tested the loyalty of a department we’ll need later on, we’ve proven we can ignore an entire branch of government, and we’ve slipped in some subtle moves that will make the next test even easier.


We’ve just tested the country’s willingness to capitulate to a fascist regime.


And in the end, it’s always the fascism.  The catchy word that stokes fear in the hearts of every lefty.

“The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to Hire 10,000 American Citizens Over Next 5 Years”




Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


But, to illustrate a point, imagine, an alternate (entirely fictional) scenario where such a groundbreaking business plan was announced by a major purveyor of caffeine?


I guarantee you that such a paltry and just commitment to Americans would be greeted with hostility. I have no doubt that if The Coffee Bean were to announce such a thing, leftist protesters would seize on the opportunity with hysterical zeal and accuse the company of all manners of  [fill in the blank with any term synonymous with bigotry].


“How dare they restrict hiring to privileged Americans!  This is a racist and xenophobic gesture by the coffee chain!” would bleat the leftists in response.  For we have come so far that simple recognition and pride expressed in such a humble dose of American self-preservation would arouse such a vile backlash from so-called Americans.


Ah, we can only dream.



Three gunmen in Quebec feed the narrative…


Undoubtedly, it’s Donald Trump’s fault.


Three gunmen fed the narrative earlier by gunning down 5 people at a mosque in Quebec.



At least five people are dead after gunmen opened fire in a mosque in Quebec.


A witness said there were three gunmen during the attack on the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre during evening prayers on Sunday.


Around 40 people were inside at the time.



No word on whether the three suspects were apprehended.


In such matters, one must follow the bullet.





Protest, pray, protest, the new American way.


A curious scene from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport earlier today.


It consists of the usual, dime a dozen congregation of Trump protesters (this time by way of the so-called Muslim immigration ban) who needed to take a moment from their ignorant pantomime histrionics for “peaceful” repose, ie, one of the five Islamic daily call to prayers.





I’m intrigued by this religious ritual and the persistent diligence worshipers must display in observance, regardless of the limitations of the physical and logistic moment. In other words, drop everything, prone yourself before Allah, immerse in salaah. Seems to me, militarily and strategically, this is a moment of great vulnerability. During battle this is accomplished by splitting the troops while one group prays while the remainder stand vigil in alternating states of prayer “coverage.”


But during “peacetime” in the midst of tense, politically-charged protests, the Islamic worshipers appear to be quite…exposed.


Curious times.






There will be blood…


It is necessary and thus, inevitable.


There is an inexorable hideous momentum on the loose.  It runs rampant.
Our demise is etched but will we rise again?



Pink Floyd “The Wall” – album art




Say goodbye to the life you once knew and savored so complacently, Americans. You enjoyed a vacuous consumerist existence for too long, and too free.  You soiled the wonderment of a glorious republic with greed, sloth and ignorance.


The party is slowly ebbing and the tribulation shall be upon us.


Customs agents ignore judge, enforce Trump’s travel ban: ACLU


The ACLU is getting “multiple reports” that federal customs agents are siding with President Trump — and willfully ignoring a Brooklyn federal judge’s demand that travelers from seven Muslim countries not be deported from the nation’s airports.


“The court’s order could not be clearer… they need to comply with the order,” Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrants Rights project, told The Post late Saturday.


“It’s enough to be a serious concern,” Jadwat said of the reports.



Jadwat and other ACLU lawyers had earlier Saturday night won an emergency stay of Trump’s deportation order from Brooklyn Federal Judge Ann Donnelly.



Now it’s been pointed out by cooler heads that the language of Trump’s order does not necessarily break new ground; what is novel is the heft of the existing policy’s new refreshed implementation by the Trump administration. And frighteningly unprecedented is the foot-on-the-ground American refusal to acquiesce to federal orders which deny a decree set forth by the Commander in Chief.


There can be no commiseration, no common union struck in our land. Chaos and disorder will have their way. And line the streets with blood.