Donald Trump serves Jillary Clintonstein a little “3D” notice.


After initially refraining from commenting on Hillary Clinton’s entrance into the election recount fray, Donald Trump used his favorite mouthpiece to unleash a flurry of commentary on Twitter today. My favorite Tweet, and the one that has received the most attention, was a reference to votes cast by illegal alien voters. That label has fallen out of PC favor in the past few years and Trump sidestepped it as well. He simply referred to “illegal voters” but we know what he means.




Everything Donald Trump says (and Tweets) is measured and houses several layers of “meta subtext,” or what Scott Adams might called “3D chess.”


The implication here is a message, not-so-loud, but very clear, to the vestigial Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and all other Clintonite slash Jill Steinian electoral busybodies who entertain the possibility that they might eek a victory out of the 3-week-old election by persistently deconstructing voting tallies.


Namely, Trump is firing a shot across the bow.  His message:   Jillary Clintonstein is playing with a Pandora’s box by retreating to such petty microanalysis of the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (while egregiously ignoring New Hampshire and Nevada, equally narrow-margined states, assuming the ostensible “mission of accuracy and integrity” aim of this exercise is to be believed).


Keep it up Jillary.


The rock you overturn might expose a hidden treasure you don’t want us to see…