Speaking of ping pong and D.C. politics…


The game.




The Obama administration is cautioning that the results of the Presidential election should stand and recount efforts are wayward.


“The Kremlin probably expected that publicity surrounding the disclosures that followed the Russian government-directed compromises of emails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations, would raise questions about the integrity of the election process that could have undermined the legitimacy of the president-elect.  Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.”





Jill Stein now hedges that the recounts probably won’t change the election outcome (despite millions of dollars that are going into her duplicitous effort).


Ms. Stein, of the Green Party, acknowledged on Thursday in an interview with the PBS “NewsHour” that it was unlikely that recounts could change the results. Still, she said that “this was an election in which we saw hacking all over the place,” and that “at the same time, we have a voting system which has been proven to basically be wide open to hackers.”





Hillary Clinton and her coven won’t say a word.

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We are witnessing a battle between many fronts behind many closed doors, and I suspect that in the end, Donald Trump will emerge pretty rosy from all this.