The National Enquirer blows the lid off Hillary and Huma…but is it “fake news?”


I wonder if the National Enquirer falls into that “fake news” category that frightens the corporate media so much that they are trying to snuff it out of existence by communal suffocation?


If so, perhaps this is a reason.  Coming attractions because “inquiring minds want to know…”






The November 21 edition of the National Equirer has “leaked” and it promises to reveal some rather explosive information about our disgraced former Presidential candidate and her dark shadow twin.


Very explosive. Say what you will about the NE, but the rag tends to get it right and presages the most sordid events to hit the MSM (like 2 months later).


And some imgur “scans” of the story.




Crooked Hillary



This tells me that much of my conjecture from the past week is completely wrong.


The lefties are not gearing up to “install” Hillary into the Oval Office at all; she is an irrelevant First Lady walking at this moment.


What they are aiming to do is steal the election from Donald Trump and nothing else.  That is their only motive, they hate the man so much.  They would rather see Jeb Bush be President than Donald Trump.  They loathe Donald Trump and what he’s done, namely rip the mask of the facade off the Establishment clowns who cluster in Washington D.C. This is personal and the Soros brigade will do anything to coerce the Electors to vote for anyone but Trump.


Hillary doesn’t matter anymore and this is why she never made the slightest gesture to have the election results recounted despite the fact her margin of loss was razor thin in many normally Blue states.


I would not be surprised to learn that the Establishment threw the election in hopes of sparing Hillary the embarrassment, and the Democratic party the damage that might very well last generations. Better to let the Republican win but then install a Lite Republican once the election was over.


When all else fails, milk the popular vote meme and call yourself the “people’s president.”


Much has been made of yesterday’s re-emergence of Hillary Clinton in the postmortem week since she failed to win the Presidential election.


Her walking dead, dissolute appearance in itself has been the stuff of lore.






Adding to the aura of deconstruction of her contrived campaign vigor were her depressive, angst-like expressions of retreat into a post-defeat limbo.


“I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me,” Clinton said. “There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.”


But the moment from her faux-resurrection at the George Soros-fed Children’s Defense Fund’s “Beat The Odds” smorgasbord of platitudes and lefty contrivances was her introduction by the kindly, old, motherly, strategically octoroon, Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the aforementioned CDF.


This is the opening introduction by Ms. Edelman.  It lasts a minute, fyi;  just a warning should you feel that your wits are imploding while listening to this overly-sensible drivel.


Uh, don’t know who those people are, but I’m not one of them.

The butthurt Left resorts to its new old tricks by threatening Electors.


Apropos of yesterday’s post about electoral voters…the left once again displays astounding levels of simpering cowardice. They truly have no shame.  Or clue.


Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have already gotten more than 4 million signatures on a petition asking the Electoral College to toss Donald Trump’s victory. But some, apparently, aren’t content to simply vent their frustrations online.
According to reports out of Idaho and elsewhere, Clinton supporters have obtained Electoral College voters’ personal information and are harassing them with calls, Facebook messages, emails and even home visits, encouraging them to become “faithless electors,” and change their Trump votes to Clinton votes.
And they aren’t being kind about it: “A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” said Layne Bangerter, one of Idaho’s electors. “Nothing I feel intimidated over. But we’re watching it very closely. They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook. We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.”



Most amusing is the fact they expend such frantic levels of doxing persistence and the best they can come up with is “vote for Jeb?”


They are straddling the line (if not completely crossing it) of legality, but it appears these saps possess little honor or self-respect, and will pull whatever sniveling knuckle-dragging necessary to do what it takes to install Hillary Clinton, the biggest loser, as leader of the United States (and in effect kicking off a new era of American turmoil). And much like their leper messiah, George Soros, the desperate left will stop at nothing, including watching the world burn, out of butthurt petulance for not getting their way.