The Mark of Soros.


George Soros is seemingly everywhere during this sordid 2016 election fracas.


The artificially designed anti-Trump protests, the petition to have the Electoral College’s electors throw their votes to Hillary Clinton on December 19 and the Purple Clinton Brigade which seeks to battle a pre-Trump Presidency with all its disruptive resources (including the aforementioned protests and Electoral College hack).


George Soros, globalist, tycoon-tyrant, billionaire, cretin, has no qualms about burning the world down to his own ends. He is old and as death draws near, he becomes more nefarious. The Grim Reaper lurks outside his door and this is the scariest thing for America to face: a George Soros with little to lose.






He is dangerous because of his wealth.  He is omnipresent like a slithery omen of doom.  When the world’s yaw opens to swallow us alive, Soros’s machinations are close at hand.  Soros is the omnipresent cunning destroyer of civilization.


If you see the world burning, you have seen the Mark of Soros.






The Purple Coup will see Hillary “installed” as leader of the United States.


In light of murmurs of Electoral manipulation on the part of the Tearful Left, I began to consider the theoretically extreme circumstances in which “faithless” electors throw enough votes at Hillary Clinton to dramatically alter and refute Donald Trump’s victory in November 8’s Presidential election.


The ensuing shit-storm would be tremendous.


I don’t buy the civil war thing that a lot of people spout; Americans are single-handedly incapable of such a thing. We are weak, complacent, teat-addicted citizens of an inflated nation that numbs all urgent calls to action behind the spell of consumerism and mass-entertainment and fast food. In other words, Americans, even the most base and uneducated, are simply unwilling to sacrifice the most rudimentary luxuries for the sake of a timeless national cause. We are hypnotized and our souls are immersed in icy apathy. We will not surrender our shitty-ass, broken consumerist lives for the sake of some nebulous transgression against our self-respect on the part of those who govern us.


Still, there is a sense that, given the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the 2016 Presidential election, anything can happen, including the final desperate hand-wringing flailing death throes of the American left as it seeks to pull victory from the toothless jaw of defeat.


It’s been disconcertingly quiet on the Democratic side. Other than the tide of anti-Trump protests sweeping the land and persistent MSM assertions that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (an unfounded conclusion), the Establishment Left has been quiet, almost too cooperative and strangely subdued about the turn of events since November 8.  Similarly to the unease parents experience when their recalcitrant child has been quiet too long, the Clinton Democratic Axis of Absolute Tyranny has been too quiet. What are they up to?


Zero Hedge noted a purple motif at play during Hillary’s concession speech last week.  A Soros nod to his lecherous color-coded shenanigans behind the scenes, which would explain the uncharacteristic Clintonian quiet.


The stage is set. A groundswell of anti-Trump narratives, all seeking to cast doubt on his abilities to govern, or to govern benevolently, and Hillary’s desperate claim to win the popular vote, all thrown into the bitter loser’s blender so that come December 19, the stage is set to have the Electoral College throw the election, that which was rightfully decided by the American voters.


Beware the Purple Coup.


George Soros, the vampire billionaire whose hands are involved in all movements seeking to nullify quests for sovereignty the world over, is intent on harnessing his many resources in order to watch the world burn. He is that vile and loathsome a man. And currently, his motives synchronize with the Democratic agenda and are certainly undermined by Donald Trump’s renewed nationalism.


I was reminded of a series of “American coup” posts I published in 2015 just a few months after Donald Trump entered the Presidential race.


If the Electoral College elevates the loser in this election to President, psychic turmoil will rise furiously in this country. There will be no civil war if there is no military response. American civilians will not foment a civil war, but their military leaders are capable of it. Regardless, a Soros Purple Revolution in which Hillary is installed American leader (and that’s what she will be, not a “President”) over the stated desires of the citizens of America will create a void of trust and culture of antagonism such that this country has not seen.  A low rumble of subdued and erratic aggressions and outbursts and spotty incidents of domestic terrorism are sure to follow.


This will be the first American coup ever: the Purple Coup.