A Buzzfeedian cast of sad sacks cry about something. Introducing “Generation D.”




The youth-oriented (ie, Millennial entropy) website can always be counted on the bring us the most predictable and ghastly dirges of liberal catharsis. Buzzfeed rightfully needs an AKA of Leftwingfeed.


The attached video contains a successive roster of simpering men and fat, multi-haired girls. It stirs swirling pools of bile in my gut and these losers make be gag with their apparent sense of bottomless self-importance and faux gravitas slash charitable human facade.


No names are ever stated but we know what these Gen D’s (“decayers”) are sobbing about. Can today’s young adults be so deluded and spineless and devoid of human fire as a collective species? These people are lefty robots; deer-in-the-headlights plastic erections of body art affectations and ugly hair and moldy skin.


God, America is doomed if this her future.


I fear Donald Trump is not a forebear; my fear is that he is simply a last hurrah.







And this.

Why, why, why?








I’m sickened by the concept of “re-education camps” but…the lure of the concept is emboldened by the likes of this freakshow.