Michelle Goldberg of Slate discovers the perfect anti-Trump virtue signal.


Michelle Goldberg over at Slate writes a typical and uninspiring anti-Trump sobfest today.


Libby Dems have spent the last 2 days whining and moaning and tearing up like petulant children throwing a fit in the Princess aisle at Toys R Us. It’s incessant, disgusting and embarrassing, this wanton public temper tantrum. I’ve never seen so many “adults” acting with such a collective sense of misplaced entitlement and spiteful dejection.


She likens the election of Donald Trump to the British vote for Brexit back in June and suggests that perhaps, similarly to how Britons donned a symbol to unite in antipathy against the referendum that led Britain to leave the European Union, Americans should follow suit.  She wails from the smug squalor of her Slate desk.



In response, people of goodwill began wearing safety pins as a symbol of solidarity with immigrants. It was a quick, easy way to show immigrants that you weren’t one of those who despise them and to show everyone else that you wouldn’t tolerate xenophobic abuse.


We need a symbol like that in the United States now. These are vicious days in America. The deplorables are emboldened.


A few more lamentable and “heartbreaking” tales of strategically related incidents of xenophobia and another maudlin personal experience spew from Goldberg, and she continues.


We need one another and need to be able to see one another. I’m not usually an adopter of memes; I’m suspicious of virtue signaling and hardly ever change my Facebook avatar. But maybe a safety pin is a tiny way to make us feel less like strangers in a newly hostile land.



Sure, she does not adopt memes and is suspicious of virtue signaling, but that apparently does not stop her from writing over 700 words of pure syrupy, self-justifying virtue prose.


These people will not stop.


I would argue that a safety pin is much too subtle and esoteric a symbol around which to unite against the garrulous and ostentatious Donald Trump.   They need something more noticeable, more outlandishly visible.


In fact, the perfect symbol for anti-Trump Americans to help display their collective aghast corniness is modeled here by Goldberg herself.


Start up the line, we have thousands to ship!







Remote dispatch from the blogger: a heads up to sanity and Trump.


As I see it, we will witness two competing agendas through the Christmas holidays.


Clinton: Libs and Dems circling around their self-interested refutation of the Electoral College. Seeking to end the institution and trying to persuade 2016 electors to switch their vote to Clinton (possibly appealing to dangers of a Trump Presidency to the domestic security of the country).


Trump: Seeking to placate a nervous populace. To portray a reasonable, mature and stable leadership image willing to work with all sides; a contrary image to his candidacy persona. Peripheral agenda for his supporters: to continue to investigate Hillary and all things Clinton. To further bury her reputation and legal status in criminality…to not release hold just because Trump won the election.