Californians be self-important: the arrogance of Calexit.


Californians be so self-important and self-absorbed.


There is a peculiar myopia to people who live in this sliver-shaped shithole that seems to lead many of them to assume the rest of the country thinks just like them.


Living here and thinking quite unlike other Californians, I feel especially privy to the workings of their despicable mindset. Californians, especially the coastal sort, are narrow-minded and ostentatious.  The world revolves around their special brand of geographic solipsism.


It’s disgusting. This graphic showed up on a Californian’s wall earlier.






This map…it’s how Californians think, how they perceive reality and how they assume society should function.


Californians seem to be innately condescending and now they want to leave the United States, a movement called “Calexit” after the Brexit campaign earlier this year which led to Britain leaving the European Union.


I propose that California should be encouraged to persist in this delusion.  The best thing that could happen to the United States is that this godforsaken outpost of humanity just leaves the rest of the country alone and allowed to wander aimlessly alone on its own self-important autonomous path.  Of course, this affects me as I happen to live in this region.  I even work in the entertainment industry;  I would appear, on the surface, to embody the superficial descriptors of a coastal elite, but somewhere along the way, I went bad.


I hate coastal elites, I share nothing in common with them.   On the left coast, as a Trump voter, you can’t speak much right now.  The pall of disappointment, depression, antagonism that permeated the hallways at work this morning were oppressive.  Only three people know my Presidential preference.




I propose that California, in full, does not leave the union.


Instead, I propose that the narrow blue panel that runs along the ocean be excised and banished to sea like a pus-driven abscess.  Only then will America be cured of this lefty onus.  I only ask for warning so I can flee the ship before it happens.


Cue the predictable chorus: today, the lefties hate the Electoral College.


And already, the gratuitous left is wailing about the Electoral College.


Today is the presidential election, the venerable ritual in which the residents of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and a few other states get the privilege of choosing the president of the United States of America.


Or, to be more precise, it’s the venerable ritual in which all the states choose their representatives in the Electoral College. It’s those people who will technically pick the president, weeks after the election.


Yes, rather than doing the seemingly obvious thing of holding a national presidential vote, the US uses the ancient, magical Electoral College. It’s a patchwork Frankenstein’s monster of a system, which in the best of times merely ensures millions of Americans’ votes are irrelevant to the outcome because they don’t live in competitive states, and in the worst of times could be vulnerable to a major crisis.



Nope…I would argue that the Electoral College functioned perfectly well and did its job splendidly.


Sure, it is a bit clunky and unwieldy; but it serves its purpose.


The Electoral College is a genius manipulation of collective human behavioral psychology and subsumes the tyranny of the majority to fairness and common sense.


In this case, it subsumed the tyranny of the coastal elites (and wannabes) who cluster on the Pacific and Atlantic corridors of condescending, privileged American native isolationism.


And it gave voice to those Americans who are drowned out by the obsequious ramblings and consternations of the liberal intelligentsia.


The liberal intelligentsia exposed.


So now, besides finally breaking through the left’s stranglehold on mainstream culture in the U.S., Trump’s victory also displays vividly the blindness and myopia of the liberal intelligentsia and their proxies, the mainstream media. We can not only gloat in Trump’s victory, but we can relish the left’s submission to humiliation and elitist alienation.