About that thing in Nevada at the Trump rally…


It’s starting.  This is it.


The crescendo fever pitch.


One year of utter madness climaxing. “Thankfully” there are only 3 days left until Election Day.


And then…?


Who is this man?














Who is he?  How did he get in with a gun?  Was it a gun?


He doesn’t look like a prospective Trump assassin. At least not what I would picture one to be;  if anything, he looks like he would be part of the SS or other law enforcement.  Certainly doesn’t fit in my catalog of preconceived notions.











A letter to Hillary Clinton, America’s Pimp Ideologue.


Upon opening Hillary Clinton’s “Message To Young Women” on Medium, one is greeted by her humble credentials. You know, that same nonsense that blind and ignorant supporters stumble all over themselves believing.






Once you summon the stomach to bypass this syrupy and disingenuous drivel, you are greeted by a full load of scatological drivel that continues shamelessly.


Her piece is the provenance of Politics of the Woman, something Hillary exploits in the most manipulative, cynical manner possible. Hillary is a female chameleon. She pays lip service and pretends to be something she is hardly.


A woman.




Sure Hillary, you have a lot of the people fooled, but we’re on to you. You are, at heart, an androgynous serpent, luring buffoons and idiots into your lair where you can spin your charades quite happily and freely, unabated, spinning the launch pad from which you will embark on your path of damage and despair. You posture and exhibit the pretentious air of dense female sensibilities and you are nothing but an airy feast of empty, lofty words.


This is why I like Donald Trump. He is not lofty.  He may be full of shit, but least he owns it and doesn’t care to impress others by tools of surreptitious pleasantry. You are a snake and you lie and you entrap.


From this Medium piece, you utter the following masquerade of concepts and generic phrases of cheap motivation that you don’t believe for a second.


  • Big rallies are exciting, but I much prefer having conversations with people — hearing directly from them about what’s on their minds, then working together to think through what solutions might (or should) be available.
  • She said that the experience made her feel like she’d been “stripped of her dignity.” No one should have to endure something like that.
  • Listening to Chrissy speak, I was bowled over by her bravery.
  • I’ve seen that same spirit of courage and generosity reflected in so many young women I’ve met across the country.
  • Women like Chrissy, Astrid, and Max embody the essence of the Methodist teachings I was raised on: “Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, for as long as ever you can.”
  • That impulse to do something when you see injustice — or experience it yourself — is something most women can relate to. I felt it myself as a law student spending time in a New Haven hospital with poor children who needed an advocate.
  • They’re real fights that matter to your lives. You’re out there every day doing something about them. And learning from your efforts will make me a better president.
  • And if I have the opportunity, I’ll do whatever I can to make things a little easier for you.


Hillary, you are a robot of platitudes; you are mainstream, Establishment politics, circa 2016.


Astoundingly, there are many, many, many Americans who buy your pablum. People would rather hear pretty lies than grating truths. If you become President, you will indeed be the first female President, but this is only noteworthy in the respect that you merely leeched off the superficial demands of an increasingly vapid female-dominated American culture in order to scale this hallowed glass ceiling.


You are a Pimp Ideologue, whoring out the ignorance of young women to your own, profitable ends.