Fat Lefty Bitch Syndrome.


I’ve met enough of these obese women to see a very real pattern. Knee-jerk liberals with a tendency to default to a blend of support/opposition to a multivariate bucket of issues but with a common thematic gist: an obsessive and compulsive drive to extend an unrealistically homogeneous society where people are expunged of differential identities. Shrill voices and bitchy self-righteous proclamation of lefty causes.


I think it’s because these fat pigs “utopia-ize” a world where their horrible gluttonous physiques are “overlooked.”


Because in the real world, who wants to see this?



Eye bleach sold separately
Eye bleach sold separately


And it’s much better if a fat woman can overcome male oppression by sublimating and gutting his relevance.  That is Lena’s shtick.