Thomas L. Friedman of the NYT is drowning in Clinton Kool-Aid.

The delusion of a lefty Hillary supporter knows no bounds.


How can someone, today, November 2, possibly write this with nary the slightest tinge of embarrassment?


While Clinton has failed to inspire, her instincts and ideas will keep us hewing to basically the right course. And however great her flaws, she is still in the zone of human decency. Trump is not.


Attention, American voters. Put those blinders on, stick your fingers in your ears, and repeat: “Hillary Clinton is in the zone of human decency.”


If you repeat it enough times, you might join the blindly partisan hypnosis that afflicts this man, the writer.


You can share the mass hysteria and fawn over Hillary together.








The FBI now believes that Hillary’s Private Server (HPS) was indeed hacked by at least 5 foreign intelligence agencies.


I think this is a momentous story.


We were told once upon a time that Hillary’s private server was not hacked. That was back when the Hillary Clinton camp still owned and dictated the email narrative.


That ended on Friday, and now we are getting dribs and drabs that feel terribly as if they are cascading and accelerating toward an awful chain of events.


The FBI believes, with 99% confidence, that 5 foreign intelligence agencies were able to hack Hillary’s server.


Five. I’m sure this will expand madly, in time, but for now the story has not quite “launched.”