Proof that Hillary Clinton is not a dishonest politician; just that she’s a vampire.


This is not sinister in the respect that Hillary Clinton’s handlers are staging her speeches. Sure that might be a little sinister, but really.


This video points out that some of the visible cell phones intended to make it seem like audience members are taking her videos following a speech inadvertently caught the true essence of the stage…one which did not include Hillary.


The allegation is green screen; that a video effect device was utilized to give the appearance she was present at her speech when in fact, the cell phones’ images show she plainly wasn’t.  The question, the conspiracy, becomes, “Where was she, and why the extravagant lengths to portray her contrived appearance at a simple speech?”


Sinister political deviousness, right?




The truth is even more eerie.


Hillary is a vampire.


Now that is frightening.



Donald Trump heads South of the border tomorrow…


Well, well. I think this can be a good thing.



Nothing bad can come of this. At worst, it will be an amusement, a harmless charade, but at best, it lays the groundwork for some sincere cultural fusion between the two statesmen and their respective nations in anticipation of a future in which Donald Trump is President of the United States.



LifeZette has confirmed that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will travel to Mexico on Wednesday to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Sources, that include Mexican officials involved in the planning of the visit, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, stated the meeting would cover a broad variety of topics ranging from trade to security to immigration and the contentious issue of border enforcement.
The stakes for both Donald Trump and the Mexican president are high.
For Nieto, the meeting represents a tremendous opportunity to offer Trump, the potential next President of the United States, an olive branch. Nieto has made negative comments about Trump in the past, including a suggestion Trump was like a fascist dictator. The meeting will offer Nieto the chance to clear the deck with the potential next leader of a nation on which his own is almost entirely economically reliant — and earn goodwill for himself and his country among Trump supporters.
For Trump, the historic meeting comes at a time when the GOP nominee is ramping up a high-stakes bid to win over support from traditionally Democratic minority voters in the United States.




If the meeting goes well, it may allow Trump to assert a sense of “Mexican cred” that could very well grow into a tidal wave of public favor on the part of the Hispanic-American population.


If he can switch on the “charm” and foment a “bro” camaraderie of the Putin sort with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, we might very well witness an aspect of Donald Trump which is foreign to most Americans and which, thus displayed, might very well propel Trump on a new course of popularity that may push him ahead of Hillary by usurping her normal, obligatory electorate.  Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican bluster might help now by allowing him to reflect off his putative “racist” reputation and allow him to wear that aura of pragmatism that brings him comfortably and safely back to Earth, at least in Mexicans’ eyes.


But already, there is the wariness that the trip can only bring danger and many wonder why Donald Trump would do such a thing.


The meeting will occur, despite concerns from both Mexican security services and the U.S. Secret Service.



As with all things Mexico, I think customary fear and apprehension is inflated. The short visit will be brief and preface Trump’s anticipated immigration speech set for tomorrow. A flawlessly productive and uneventful visit will go a long way toward reaffirming Donald Trump’s theoretical role as a North American mediator.



Clinton team (backers) look to use Twitter to smear Trump/Pence with rancid butter.


Who is trying to take advantage of an apparent typo by Mike Pence.



He posted this on Twitter.  Innocuous photo of a cow made of butter at the Iowa State Fair (ISF).








Someone then created a Twitter handle off that typo.







Really, just old-fashioned, cutthroat PR warfare.  Anyone truly representing the agenda of this fictional IFS Buttercow would not want to taint the campaign with such egregious views;  this was the work of someone looking to sublimate the Trump/Pence team.






The lonely business of being a “Trumpino.”


Well someone’s gotta do it.


Behind the Mexican-American wall of political apathy, reflexive Democratic devotion and reactive Trump fear-mongering, actively supporting Donald Trump from this side of the ethnic aisle places you in a very lonely, alienated place.


But it’s sorta cool.




Chanting “Viva Trump”, several dozen Latino supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a peaceful rally Sunday in front of Anaheim City Hall.

“He’s the man,” Marco Gutierrez, a co-founder of Latinos for Trump, said of the candidate. “He speaks the language of the heart. He can reach people who have been disenfranchised.”

Although north Orange County has a large Latino population, only about 50 to 60 Latinos and Caucasians turned out for the 2 p.m. rally. There were no counter-demonstrations and no disturbances, according to police.

Ofelia Ramirez, another Trump supporter who attended Sunday’s rally, said she believes Trump can make government work again.

“I’m a Latina and I’m for Trump,” she said. “I believe he can effect change in Washington. We need to send a message to government, to D.C., to senators and representatives of the Republican Party that they cannot continue to get the Hispanic vote and the vote of the American people under false pretenses.”





Now there’s a  poignancy in being of Mexican decent and going that extra step in self-education and relinquishment to the importance of the “big issues” threatening America and resolutely and bravely choosing not to prioritize personal ethnic agendas over the well-being of our nation; as a Mexican-American who supports Donald Trump’s vision for America, I consider it a mark of pride that I do not blindly march to the narrow-minded, hysterical drumbeat that affects and colors the political involvement of the majority of Hispanics in the 2016 Presidential race.


Self-infatuation and -fixation with your own contrived ethnic agenda at the expense of your country of citizenship is the worst affront to one’s own personal sense of integrity. It’s as if there is an implied ethnic obligation to rashly cast Donald Trump as the arch enemy of Mexican people, when in fact, all he has done is speak some global truths about that which needs to be implemented at this juncture in America’s evolution in the year 2016. We live in a global era that sees challenges and obstacles that this nation, all civilized nations, have never had to confront before.


We live in a global environment and it’s crucial that we place America first. Without America, what do we have?


This voraciously destructive train wreck of an American dynasty?







Were the murdered Mississippi nuns victims of their own good intentions…?


Oh, oh.  I doubt this was racial in nature, right?  When a crime is truly heinous, the racial qualification gets thrown out the window and it becomes an affront against humanity.  Still, I am “shocked” in the respect that when I first heard of these killings yesterday, I was convinced the killer, when caught, would turn out to be an uneducated backwoods White.  What business does a Black guy have with two simple nuns?


Police have arrested  a 46-year-old Mississippi man in that horrific killing of 2 nuns in Durant, Mississippi yesterday.  Authorities have wasted no time charging him with with 2 capital murders.




Rodney Earl Sanders
Rodney Earl Sanders



“[Rodeny Earl] Sanders was developed as a person of interest early on in the investigation,” said MBI Director Lt. Colonel Jimmy Jordan. “With the cooperation of the Durant and Kosciusko Police Departments, Holmes County Sheriff’s Department and the Attorney General Office this heinous crime has been resolved.”



Merrill worked with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Kentucky, and Held with the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee.Sister Paula Merrill and Sister Margaret Held were found stabbed to death in their home Thursday.
The Mississippi Department of Public Safety increased the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the deaths of two Durant nuns by $20,000 early Friday just hours after their missing car was found.





durant nuns
Sister Paula Merrill and Sister Margaret Held



Judging by the well-intentioned efforts of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Kentucky, they probably cared a little too much for the wrong people.








And the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee, of all places, as well.








Virtue and charity are often their own demise.