Is Khizr Kahn a Hillary Clinton Islamic plant with generational Saudi oil ties?


Several important points.


*I only read this once.


*The substance of some sections sounds dubious and in need of cross-reference, external validation.


*The overall import of the subject matter appears soundly backed-up by the author.


*Given the gravity of the apparent outlandish claims, this must be “thrown” out there for the critical minds to dissect and witness.



Dangling implications abound in this article.  Such as:



Kahn currently runs a law firm in New York City called KM Kahn Law Office. According to the website, the the law firm specializes in “immigration services.” Most likely Kahn was working to bring Muslims into the country.





Everything mentioned in this piece logically affirms the doubts and misgivings that I had about the Khan appearance at the DNC and his persistent badgering of the Trump campaign in subsequent interviews.


I’m sure Donald Trump’s people are on the case.


If the authenticity of even a fraction of what has been alleged in this piece can be verified, Hillary will go down like a hot air balloon in Texas.



Lefties wear tin-foil hats like a dog wears a sweater.


Leave that relentless, recursive type of spooky deduction to Alex Jones, Gawker.  Just stop.


Frankly, your embarrassing excursion into the obscure world of conspiratoria comes across as buoyantly (and stupidly) try-hard.


Your pathetic attempt at drawing a bulls-eye around a contrived narrative involving Donald Trump either LIHOP- or MIHOP-ing the release of Melania Trump’s 1995 nude photos in order to deflect attention from the Khan kerfuffle is the most desperate attempt at tin-foil-hattery I’ve ever seen. You lefty/SJW types are too riddled with goose-bumpy hipster snark to ever pull off the Dark Magic of conspiratorial unearthing.


Sorry to break it to you, but one must be “dark” in order to fully realize conspiracy.


Khizr Khan, the attention Democratic whore he’s become, indeed is drawn to the Lefty Light and repelled by the Donald Dark. As such he will never offer much other than tiresome Democratic platitudes, the party’s forte in 2016, apparently. Waving his Constitution around and crying “Muslim,” he brings no pertinence to the fight, only self-conscious irony, which is enough for the Left and the MSM sycophants who adulate them.


Donald Trump is supposed to fear this?


Perhaps there will be a time for political red herrings in Trump’s future, but this is not it.





The wrath of Khan is misplaced; we need a black soul for dark times.


OK, this Khan dude is starting to get out of hand.









Khizr Khan told CNN that Trump was “totally incapable of empathy,” adding: “I want his family to counsel him. Teach him some empathy. He will be a better person, but he is a black soul.”



Reiterating his wife’s explanation that she was too overcome by grief to say anything at the event as planned, Khizr Khan expressed disbelief that Trump still “had to take that shot at her”. His wife also has high blood pressure and felt so unsteady she worried she might fall offstage, he said.




The moment you enter such a flammable public stage (this election certainly qualifies), you’ve relinquished rights to normalcy or those elusive social proprieties that the public seems to infer the Khan’s groundlessly deserve.


Khan’s DNC speech was nice; it was dignified. That’s where it should have ended. He made his emotional appeal and the Democrats were well-served.


Now he will not shut up.


Donald Trump has ‘black soul’, says father of fallen Muslim US soldier



Look, I’m the parent of a “war-age” son. Nothing mortifies me more than the thought of him being carted off to a nonsensical, neo-conservative war, and my sympathy is with Khizr Khan for the loss of his son, for a horror I can only dread.


But perhaps it’s time for him to fade back into that comfortable innocuous anonymity he lived before the Democratic party saw fit to whore out his sad story in order to paint Donald Trump as an ill-deserved monster.


We live in dark times (I don’t care how much the Pollyanna’s on the D side of the aisle argue) and we need a stronger leader with an equally dark soul.


This is not the age for delicate sensibilities and self-destructive empathy.  Feminine tip-toeing is our doom.


There is nothing wrong with a black soul.


In fact, a dark soul might be our last chance to salvage an American future worth living.





The Khan saga, a Democratic tale of misplaced grief.


It seems most anti-Trump hyperventilated ideology/opining now is predominantly emotion-based non-sequitur parallel attacks that exploit some vague, disconnected appeal to self-righteousness without ever truly confronting the blueprint of their distaste for the man.








Consider the case of Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of army soldier Humayan who was killed in Iraq in 2004.


They happen to be Muslim, a fact which Democrats slurped up liked a hog in a lake of slop. They trotted out the couple on the last night of the DNC and Khizr, the Harvard-educated father, issued a stern flood of disdain for Donald Trump while wrongly asserting that if Donald Trump had his way, Khizr and his family would never have been allowed in the United States. This is the emotionalism, the illogical-speak, and as is typical of the anti-Trump crusaders, it has little basis in reality.


Trump has made it clear that he is not pushing a blanket no-Muslim immigration policy. He is merely endorsing enactment of a smart immigration process which will examine Muslim immigrants in order to determine their tendency to radicalism. What is wrong with that?


But to hear the Democrats rail around Khizr’s pre-Hillary soliloquy on Thursday night, you’d think his speech was the absolute pinnacle of denunciations of Trump and Trumpism when in fact it was merely the face of a man who lost his son in war. There is a horrible brew of misery and sadness implicit in such a story, and this bleak narrative is thus imbued with anti-Trump emotionalism but ultimately, it is not a rebuff of Donald Trump, it’s simply the sad story of a young man who lost his life because the United States cannot seem to keep its meddlesome claws out of the business of other nations.


To cast the Khans’ experience as an indictment of Trump’s immigration plan is nothing but displaced grief.