The GOP has declared open war on Donald Trump and can’t be bothered to disguise it any longer.


War has been declared by the vile Republican institution. As if this election wasn’t turning into a nail-biter already…



Ted Cruz and John Kasich issued startling statements Sunday night about their paths ahead, the first sign the two campaigns are coordinating to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination.



Within minutes of each other, the pair issued statements saying they will divide their efforts in upcoming contests with Cruz focusing on Indiana and Kasich devoting his efforts to Oregon and New Mexico. The strategy is aimed at blocking Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim to GOP nomination this summer.


Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe said in a statement the Texas senator will focus on the May 3 Indiana primary while the Ohio governor will have a free hand in the Oregon and New Mexico primaries in the flowing weeks.


In the statement, Roe called Trump at top of ticket “a sure disaster,” adding “to ensure that we nominate a Republican who can unify the Republican Party and win in November, our campaign will focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Gov. Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico”.


Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, said in a separate statement: “Due to the fact that the Indiana primary is winner-take-all statewide and by congressional district, keeping Trump from winning a plurality in Indiana is critical to keeping him under 1,237 bound delegates before Cleveland. We are very comfortable with our delegate position in Indiana already, and given the current dynamics of the primary there, we will shift our campaign’s resources West and give the Cruz campaign a clear path in Indiana.”




I wonder if the GOP realizes that by waging such flagrant war on the “enemy,” they will thus empower him, turning him into the Modern American Political Idol who can twist the elitist attack into electoral, under-dogged victory this summer.


Are the Republicans so stupid and out of touch?



Donald Trump will go quietly into the night if he loses.


There’s something vaguely tragic and sorrowful about Donald Trump’s latest verbal gesticulations reported at The Business Insider today.


Trump tells us that if he loses (fails to become President of the United States), we will never see him again. Wow. Sort of has that despondent teenage-ring that goes something like “this world would be better off without me,” followed by the zing or bang of self-destruction.


But no, you Trump haters, do not celebrate. Donald continues to clarify.



I don’t think I’m going to lose, but if I do, I don’t think you’re ever going to see me again, folks. I think I’ll go to Turnberry and play golf or something.



Yep, he’s got the idea. Ride off into the sunset and chalk this whole experience up to another nail in the coffin that is collective American individuality, an endangered species if ever there was one.


Our times cry, beg, for a breakthrough revolutionary movement of individuality, above all.  This is what Trump’s run is all about. It’s not about the Oval Office or Hillary’s perpetual drumbeat of Establishmentarian recursion. Trump’s flailing, absurd foray into national politics is a last-ditch gesture of individuality and boldness, putative American traits, a grand, saintly virtue undergoing severe testing in this 2016 Presidential election.



A question upon the moral relevance of bathrooms: welcome to Gomorrah.


I’ve found the “issue” of transgender bathroom use, aka, communal latrine assignations, quite repugnant and have thus not cared to comment.


I say “repugnant” in the respect that in this issue’s meta context, it’s not merely the fact that men with vaginas or women with penises are positioning themselves to use any public restroom of their choice (basically it comes down to this arbitrary decision). I personally don’t care who uses the men’s restroom.


What I find distasteful is the argument, per se, in its entirety.


Why is there even discussion and drama about this teeming non-issue to begin with?  Isn’t this ridiculous dilemma one that has presumably been solved and worked around on a very pragmatic level for the history of gender-segregated bathroom human culture (or at least during that sub-span of time when gender presentation became fluid)?


People, disguised (or surgically revamped) as the opposite gender have used their unrepresentative bathrooms up until now, why the sudden hullabaloo?  No one noticed, no one much gave it much thought.


I find it repugnant that many modern cults of victimization, especially the homos, have partaken of a strategy of “manufactured drama” in which reasonable, real-world working solutions have informally been enacted for ages, but which now, are regurgitated, and cast publicly, as sparring collective discussions of disagreement and emotive clashing for the sake of creating drama for no other gratuitous reason than merely flooding the airwaves with their emotional outbursts. Homos are good at this. The modern groups who flaunt their socially aggrieved butt-hurt loudly and publicly realize that their grievances, on the surface, are boring, mundane and not particularly attention-getting. Rather, they resort to manufactured drama, a ploy which involves unearthing a non-issue (ie, something that can be worked though informally with a handshake, on the broad cultural level) and creating a polarized air of words while pitting contrived warring parties against each other in order to squeeze maximum drama, and thus, attention, from the public. It’s cynicism at its most despicable form.


I don’t care that they want to use my public restrooms.


I don’t spend much time in them and I can’t say I’m heavily invested in who or what human refuse I’m sharing space with during those times. They really need to shut up and use them, and get the hell out. Quit making such fuss about where you shit or piss.


If you wanna fag, then just…fag.


I’m not a moralistic freak; I am an atheistic nihilist bent only on cultural destruction. The bathroom should be used to drop off and should be vacated immediately. I don’t care to make it the cornerstone of cultural tensions. Leave it to the homo drama queens to make a big deal about something so insignificant and trivial as the public john.


A culture reduced to arguing about bathrooms has indeed become Gomorrah.