Americana acting badly. Let’s blame Mejico.


OK, my headline is slightly provocative and inflammatory. C’mon, this is a shitty little blog with anonymity on its side. I can act irresponsible and douchie like that.


No one is (officially, on the record) blaming Mexico for Andrew Frye’s death.


Andrew Frye
Andrew Frye


In fact, his death has been placed squarely in the hands of his mother and grandmother, and to a lesser extent, a couple of other adults, by authorities in Akron, Ohio, where the 16-year-old died at a Super 8 motel last week.



The teen’s mother, Heather Frye, and her mother, Brenda Frye, face multiple charges, including corrupting another with drugs, child endangering, tampering with evidence and involuntary manslaughter, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 11 years in prison, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.
Two other people in the room at the time — Heather’s friend Jessica Irons, 34, and Brenda’s friend Donald Callaghan, 58 — face lesser charges in connection with the teenager’s death, the paper reported.
Barry told reporters that it was “quite apparent” that the teenager was beyond help by the time rescuers arrived, according to Fox affiliate WJW-TV. The adults with him had attempted to hide needles and drugs in the room.



Ah yes, that renowned familial genetic heritage gone awry.


We see a lot of that in America in recent decades. More of it, to clarify, for this country’s history is riddled with familial malevolence, but now the big bad drug monster (heroin, etc) are the glue that binds this dystopian genetic economy in the 21st Century.


And of course, rather than turn the discerning lens inward, we choose to lazily focus our aim, or blame, on the 3rd party, the disinterested chemical interloper that destroys lives (once we happily invite them in to do so): drugs.


With a mother and grandmother like this, did Andrew Frye ever have a damned chance?






This is a twisted case(s) of maternal instinct gone awry. Very awry.


There can be absolutely no explanation why Americana is imploding as such. In fact, Andrew Frye’s very premature death will significantly lower the White mortality rate, a startling statistic that puzzles many for no obvious home-grown reason other than that it is a symbol of White underachievement and disavowal of the innate superiority they possess in countries like the United States because in this day and age, asserting your genetic fortune is racist, sexist, classicist, etc.


In fact, from the news story, here is the coup de grace which will be harked back to over and over and over by the Americana culture of blame-someone-else.


During a news conference last week, Margaret Scott, deputy chief assistant prosecutor, told reporters that deaths like Andrew’s are increasingly common in the region.
The Plain Dealer reported that “during a 17-month stretch ending last May, nearly 1,000 people died from an overdose in Ohio.” Over a 17-day period last month, the paper noted, “at least 29 people died from overdoses in Cuyahoga County alone.”
“Unfortunately, this isn’t unusual,” Scott said. “It’s a horrible tragedy because of the age we see here, but it’s not unusual to see family members, unfortunately, procuring and giving the heroin and fentanyl to one another.
“If you’re going to give someone else your poison and you know it’s likely going to kill them,” he added, “we’re going to look at holding you criminally responsible.”
Heather Frye didn’t have custody of her son, according to the Plain Dealer. A detective assigned to the case told the paper that the 31-year-old wanted to be “the fun weekend mom.”



White people are killing themselves, en mass, and Donald Trump (who I am strangely supporting) will defer, fall back, along with a consortium of his clueless compadres, to the tired dialog and lazy exculpation that it’s the supply of drugs, not the demand, that is wrecking American culture.


Perhaps Donald and the like need to further disentangle the foundations of the Culture of Americana which leave it vulnerable to such self-destruction and a vibrantly willing customer which voraciously keeps evil Mexican drug cartels in business.


They adulate free-market economics when it behooves their edifices of gold and magnificent walls, but turn blindly ignorant when it reveals their own trashy behavior.