Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh: the voice of angels upon Earth?


During my internet journeys last night, I stumbled upon a rather quirky, but strikingly awesome, vocal performance by a Ukraine singer on one of those talent shows that have sprung up around the world across various cultures and nations.  Each show, each version of the template, offers a particularly idiosyncratic cultural mirror of the population it draws contestants from.


This performance is from the television show “Ukraine Got Talent” and the performer/vocalist/voice of angels, is Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh. He has attained a small measure of cloistered fame in that part of the world for his mimicry of natural sounds and haunting vocals that span the range from thunderous crescendo to ethereal ice winds.


Take a look.



Note the reaction of the female judges, especially that of the hot dark-haired one with the large nose. I’m convinced that, by the end of Tkachenko-Papizh’s performance, she would literally do anything for this guy. His appeal is angelic, his magnetism, ethereal.





Even I, as a non-homo guy, have to admit that I’m stricken, gutted of the grounded tethers that fasten me to Earth when listening to this guy’s vocal acrobatics.


Ultimately, women express their awe sexually and men express it artistically. In the face of such rare, touching talent, can we not be touched in one form or another?