Obama’s suicidal obligation.


CNN cries that the United States has “only” taken in 882 Syrian refugees half a year into Barack Obama’s ostensible goal to open our floodgates to allow a total of 10,000 by October.


But as the flow of refugees from the Syrian civil war continues to grow, seemingly unabated, the realities of bureaucratic red tape, coupled with fears of terrorism, fiery campaign rhetoric and attempts by Congress to obstruct the process, mean the United States is way behind in meeting the President’s goal…
Additionally, the State Department announced on Wednesday it would be committing another $10 million to the UNHCR to help with refugee resettlement.
“We expect Syrian refugee arrivals to the U.S. to increase steadily throughout the fiscal year,” the official said, “ultimately culminating in the admission of at least 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the fiscal year.”
But so far, publicly available admissions data suggests the opposite. CNN’s analysis shows that the rate of admissions for Syrian refugees has decreased in four out of the last six months.
The delays are largely a function of the process, according to State Department officials and refugee advocates.
“The system is not designed to move too fast,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters Tuesday. “Refugees from Syria are given the highest scrutiny of any other type of refugee.”


Real “scrutiny” should mean a lot longer than 6 months to adequately and safely (for Americans) absorb this many Syrian refugees. Six months is child’s play when you’re talking about 10,000 strangers issuing from a land that has produced many people capable of happily extinguishing all traces of the West.


Speaking at an Easter prayer breakfast Wednesday, Obama reiterated his concern about the plight of displaced people, praising Pope Francis for washing the feet of refugees, “a powerful reminder of our obligations if, in fact, we’re not afraid, and if, in fact, we hope, and if, in fact, we believe.”


What exactly is this “obligation” Obama speaks of?


The nebulous, passive cop-out to surrendering common sense.


Obama’s primary Presidential obligation is to Americans, but the word appears to have been gutted of its meaning and distorted for personal political aggrandizement. Obama is obliged to leave the destructive fuse of self-implosion lit before he leaves office.


This is his obligation.