Our first #hashtagpotus ?


CNN’s website cautions its morally timid audience prior to the latest account of an outburst-slash-calculated erratic eruption from Donald Trump:



Donald Trump on Monday night repeated the offensive term a woman attending his rally shouted in reference to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.


After first calling on a woman close to the stage to “shout it out” again, Trump repeated the woman’s one-word insult aimed at Cruz: “She said he’s a pussy.”


The term was flung into the political orbit just a day before the New Hampshire primary as Trump was discussing Cruz’s apparent hesitation during the last GOP debate on whether he would support waterboarding.


Suddenly, Trump stopped mid-sentence, pointing to a woman near him in the crowd: “She just said a terrible thing.”


“You know what she said? Shout it out because I don’t want to say,” Trump continued as the woman appeared to loudly shout the vulgar word again.


But realizing most of the crowd could not hear the woman, Trump decided to take matters into his own hands.


“OK you’re not allowed to say and I never expect to hear that from you again. She said — I never expect to hear that from you again — she said he’s a pussy. That’s fine,” Trump said as the crowd erupted into a roaring cacophony of laughter and applause.


“What kind of people do I have here?” Trump joked after the crowd’s reaction.


It would obviously be horribly disingenuous of me to criticize this. If anyone needs to use CNN’s disclaimer, it would be me. I curse a lot on this blog…much more than other blogs I’ve read. Sometimes I feel a pang of guilt and shame. Perhaps I need to cut back on that language; I think I have. I curse a lot less now than I did in the past, but still…I curse too much. I suppose I’m not the most civil guy out there.


One of the other things about Donald Trump that amuses me, which even curries a sense of favor, is his free-for-all, no-fucks-to-give sense of unrestrained expression. I like that a presidential candidate said “pussy” in front of a live audience. Ha! That’s hilarious. Donald Trump has turned civil discourse on its head. For better or worse, not sure yet.


Obviously the guy is a sensationalist entertainer, a showman, PT Barnum, whatever.  But what if, beneath that frat boy veneer, lives a sincere striving public servant?  Can it be much worse than the other candidates who parse their speech but still manage to say nothing substantive?


It’s juvenile, glib, immature, this creature called Donald Trump. Well you know…maybe this is the new dialog. Maybe he is the first social media President of the United States, the first #hashtagpotus, the one who finally blurs the line between respectability and public revelation. The internet’s new paradigm has long eluded national politics, but the time looks as if it has arrived on Donald Trump’s bouffant.


Donald Trump accuses Jeb Bush of having “zero communication” skills…is this important?


Are “zero communication skills” grounds for disqualifying someone from running for President of the United States?


I would argue that this is the problem with national politics. It relies too much on social skills and very little else of personal excellence. Of course, Donald Trump’s point is well-taken. Jeb is a bumbling, non-eloquent pansy with little to no persuasive skills.


The fact is incontrovertible and for Donald Trump, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Indeed, Jebbie truly has zero communication skills. But maybe he would still make a great POTUS. Of course, I’m playing devil’s advocate, I don’t believe he would resemble anything Presidential, but I would argue we can’t use “social skills” as a thermometer for ability to lead.


In front of a script, anyone can have great communication skills. It’s his extemporaneous descents into self-conscious goose-talk that burden Bush with that special bland aura of alienating expression.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,  great talkers.  Fabulous talkers.  Some of the most masterful communicators.  They convey their brand well enough that they ingratiate themselves into the public consciousness despite their potential fallibility which our logical minds clearly witness.


Fabulous communicators, the two.