Chris Rock’s political modulation.


Lots of insight from Chris Rock tonight. Some predictable whiny racial victimization posturing, but some lucid points, as well.  Ultimately, he gave, he took, he produced an entertaining product all could consume with equanimity.



For instance:

This whole no black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times [previous years]….
I’m sure there were no black nominees some of those years.
Say 62, 63…
And black people did not protest: Why?
Because we had real things to protest at the time. We were too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won the best cinematographer.

And later:

The only way to get black nominees…

you need black categories!



Whoopi vs. Oprah: dark and ugly, the human response.


Yeah, I know why this happened.


It’s not surprising. They are both ugly and need to get a lot less sun in their lives.  In a crunch and stress situations, news writers default to innate reactions.






After Whoopi Goldberg walked the red carpet, showing off a prominent tattoo on her shoulder, the website tweeted, “We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted, and we love it.” Perhaps whoever is in charge of social media for Total Beauty should go ahead and acquaint themselves with the people they’re tweeting about.


Leonardo DiCaprio rapes another good idea. Hollywood’s misleading man.


Back in November I finished the book and had equally great hopes for the movie in spite of a certain leading man whom director Alejandro Iñarritu chose to cast for the part of Hugh Glass.


The Revenant, the novel, was splendid, thoughtful and striking.


Alejandro Iñarritu’s “Birdman” last year left me similarly smitten.


And now, I was torn. A novel (which I loved) brought to the big screen by a director (whose previous work I loved), and starring Leonardo DiCaprio (who I absolutely detest).


DiCaprio is pap disguised as quality, a popular theme in Hollywood these days. Got a good script, an original idea, a groundbreaking approach? Let’s bring Leonardo DiCaprio into the picture; he’ll fuck up your flow, and worse, reverse that innovative genesis and turn it into a regurgitation of Hollywood tropes minus the charm.


Leonardo, superstar, the dictator of productions and directorial decisions (just because he can), is tone deaf when it comes to cinematic trailblazing. He does big, he does spectacular, and he does the same shit over and over and over and he guts anything good with his subterranean sense of artistry. Over and over, and the dense American public eats it up.


Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is precisely what happened with The Revenant. Leonardo rode in on his derivative horse, raped a wonderful novel and left the husk of a tattered concept in its wake.


How in the world does Leonardo do this every time?


He’s such a high-value Hollywood icon today, it’s impossible to assume he has no say in how his scripts are chosen and how they ultimately manifest themselves on the big screen (especially when the director carries up the rear in the “cred” factor). Nope, I should have listened to my instincts when I learned he was cast as Hugh Glass.


I should have, 1) saved my money for something else, 2) left my brains at home, 3) left my memories of the novel at home.  This would have been the only way I could have possibly enjoyed such a monstrous, destructive and unoriginal movie.


I only feel impelled to write this post tonight because the movie is a contender for the Best Picture award at the Oscars (which are trudging along as I type). Otherwise, there is no way in the world I felt such a moribund exercise in non-creativity as The Revenant could possibly warrant more than 2 minutes of my blog time – and I saw this movie over a month ago. So forgettable, so unbloggable.


I work with a woman who thinks Leonardo DiCaprio is the greatest thing since sliced bread (which she apparently enjoys a bit too much, among other culinary accoutrements) and she’s an intelligent woman, but she is ignorant as shit and is intellectually lazy. This toxic combination of early 21st Century American enigma encapsulates my estimation of all things Leonardo.


See, when it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio, he is a hollow bastion of creativity. You see this?


leo c


That’s him.


That stupid-ass expression, that repetitive, recursive, descending series of stupid eyeful expression, over and over, devouring all contexts and nuance, over and…over. It’s Leonardo. Snow, sun, blizzard, destruction, genesis…that fucking blitzkrieg blue-eyed stare never wavers:


this is about me; and sadly, there ain’t much to me.


I’m Leonardo.



Ted Cruz and his crazy train talk.


Well it certainly looks like Ted is jumping on this train a little late. He went on CNN to sound the alarms and we all laughed. Why bother. The horse left the GOP barn long ago. Ted’s just covering his arse. Or “managing expectations”  as they might temper ill fate in business parlance. Trying to let people down easy.


Cruz Warns ‘Trump Train’ Could Become ‘Unstoppable’


“Could?” If feel you must shock us with any bombshells, try telling us Trump can be stoppable. Otherwise, we’re not paying much attention to your withered warnings.


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is warning conservatives that the “Trump train” could become “unstoppable” if Republican front-runner Donald Trump rolls to big victories in the Super Tuesday primaries.
Almost a quarter of the GOP’s nominating delegates are at stake in the March 1 contests.
Speaking Sunday to CNN, Cruz cast Trump as a carbon copy of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and suggested that not even Trump “knows what he would do” as president.


No, I disagree.


Incoming Presidents know exactly what they would like to do, but invariably, at this point in our national history where checks and balances have ingrained a political culture of stagnation, it’s more like can they do what they would like to do?   That will be the real test of Trump’s Train come 2017.



Anti-Trump Kryptonite, shade : it’s all the same thing, and it’s too late. Trump is in.


Now and then, certain media outlets get it and describe the way, the only way, in which Donald Trump’s enemies/opponents can “beat” their nemesis. One does not fight Trump with facts, logic or mundane appeals to systemic thinking.


The Atlantic calls it “anti-Trump Kryptonite.”


That is why the only possibly effective response is the one Marco Rubio introduced on Thursday night—and has really had fun with since. Rubio has found what could be Trump’s kryptonite, the substance that might conceivably peel his supporters away from him.
That substance is ridicule.


My description of it was “shade” in what I wrote a month ago here and here.


In order for any candidate to go toe-to-toe with Trump in the social realm (which is what this Presidential election is centered about) is the one who can throw shade well.


Trump has assumed that cool, youthful, wry vibe that warrants “shade” as opposed to outright ridicule. Trump must be battled nebulously and through passive, bitchy subterfuge. I hear the Mexican groups shaking their sabers and using words like “Hitler” and “monster.” That won’t do a thing; it will only empower Trump.


But whatever the case, it’s too late for any viable effort to overcome Trump’s astounding stranglehold of the Republican nomination. He has cloaked himself in such a reputable and legitimate dialogue of subversion that any destructive shade now tossed his way (such as Rubio’s) will simply slide off Trump’s robust persona in the face of his “serious” work laid out for him and that which many of the electorate are now focused on.


It’s too late for anti-Trump forces. They spent the early months of Trump’s Presidential entrance last summer beating him up with stupid logic when it mattered least. Trump has always been one step ahead of everyone in this race.