Other than marrying the Cuck, what did Colomba do to deserve this?


Donald’s great strength is that he draws others into doing his bidding. Even his antagonists.


He’s the Master Parasite and he’s an awesome bloodsucker.


Donald plants the kernels of dissent, he steps back, feigns ignorance, and meanwhile…the dialogue he planted has taken hold and begins its furious landlocked destruction while he steps back and smirks and tells everyone how fabulous (x vs. z) are.


It’s surprising how few have noted or boldly recognized this, other than Scott Adams. Donald Trump’s method is transparent and unabashed and that’s why he’s so well-loved.


Case in point: Colomba Bush


Donald has never alluded to her in a direct, demeaning reproach.


The worst thing he said about her was in July just a few weeks after he threw his hat in the Presidential ring, shortly after announcing that all Hispanic immigrants were rapists.


Of Colomba Bush, and Jeb’s marital justification, he ventured to say, “If my wife were from Mexico, I think I would have a soft spot for people from Mexico.”


Colomba, by all rights, appears to have avoided such histrionic spotlights, but that has not prevented the commentariat from pitching in its two cents regarding her intrusion on the American spotlight. I was reminded of this the other day when I read some comments regarding Jeb Bush and once again, for the 3,000th time, allusions to his wife’s “troll” moniker in response to her less than formidable presence.




The comment was such, but it is not unique. It is the norm.


Everywhere on the Trumpnet, the consensus jives: Jeb Bush is not only a loser because Donald trump is outpacing his every election move, but Donald Trump is winning because his offspring, and wife, are a superior phenotype to Bush’s baggage.



Colomba Bush
Colomba Bush


You know what? Perhaps this is true.
But it doesn’t disqualify Colomba’s relevance.


I have no problem joining in the Bash-Bush bandwagon. He is inept, emasculated and a useless harbinger of male society in the fledgling 21st Century.


How do we justify defining this by attractiveness level of their procreation mate?


Maybe we should. Maybe this tells us all we need to know about the outward, Alpha level of the candidate in question, and his net effectiveness.


Still, I feel horribly uncomfortable bagging on Colomba Bush.


Donald Trump has escaped doing so because he knows better. He planted a few xenophobic seeds and allowed his minions to carry the torch.  His minionship is easily steered by his aggressive gists.  He plants the easily accessible inference, and like Charles Manson, knows where his followers will carry that malignant torch.  After enough of the troll allusions, I finally decided to check out Colomba’s past.


It’s very…whatever. She is fond of the customary social causes, she came from the “other side of the tracks,” and like many introverted Mexicans, possesses a healthy level of isolated self-awareness and boldness not readily apparent to those who would shirk such foolishness. I’m convinced she does not adore the spotlight; her innate, ethnic humility tells her to stay home and tend to business instead of rubbing elbows. Still, she finds herself here, dodging the arrows of a nationalist horde that knows anger, not life.


No good can come of the persistent berating of such an apprehensive public figure.


Colomba has not earned the ire awarded her, and likewise, she has not attained the rewards available her inconvenient immersion in the public spotlight. The only person who can halt this misdirected humiliation and destruction of her character is Donald Trump. But he started it, and he is not about to let it go. Donald’s Trump’s greatest death is backtracking. Donald Trump’s specialty is repudiation by proxy. It’s time for him to let this one go and right the ship.  There is no more payoff..


Colomba does not deserve this.