This is surely not true.


If it is, I’m about to find that bomb shelter now.  Mason jars, water, rice, beans, ammo.



Fuck the Central Americans, and Puerto Ricans, too.


These slimy “Hispanics” besmirch the “good name” of Mexicans everywhere.


Puerto Ricans and Dominicans fucking up NYC with their lowbrow Nigger-acting bullshit. New Englander Whities don’t know the difference; the nuance entertains them not. Spanish-speaking scumbags, we’re all the same.


Central Americans bringing their diseased, scurvy-ridden broods and hellacious gangster culture.


Fuck that.


Mexicans don’t roll that way.

Those who choose Smart-phone over Broadband based internet access are what we would expect; ghettoization of the ‘net.


Interesting graphic from Pew Research regarding internet access habits by Americans.




In a nutshell…


*The economically poorest groups rely on Smart phones to access the internet. The study does not include Hispanics, but I imagine their numbers echo those of Blacks.  This group “leads the pack” when it comes to dropping home-based internet in favor of Smart phone-based net access.


*The most technologically illiterate classes eschew broadband access in favor of Smart phones.


*Those with the poorest access to broadband infrastructure rely on Smart phones.


*The greatest indicator of continued reliance on Broadband internet access is a middle class income.


*Smart phones are now the prole outlet of the idiot masses. (Some of us knew this long ago).


The internet has become an evolving tool of the masses and is now a Vehicle of Stupid. See my last post.


Next up: internet gangs and online EBT access.


Buzzfeed writer does what SJW’s do best: marginalize and condescend and pretend the internet is all about…them.


So there’s this long-winded piece on Buzzfeed by Joseph Bernstein (not a furry one) which essentially boils down to this passage:


Still, for the media platforms through which most of us experience the internet, this kind of speech is bad for business (and shocks the conscience, goes against what we believe in as a society, etc.) whether it is sincere or not. So you end up with a group of people (mostly white, male, young) aligned with dominant interests who feel that their perspective has no place in the increasingly dominant new media, which bills itself as participatory and inclusive. That is how the strange dynamics of victimization come into play.

The logical next step for Chanterculture, so angry with the infiltration of popular culture by others, is to make its own entertainment. (Ironically, this makes it like many of the identity groups to which it objects.) And in its incessant meme-making and conspiracy theorizing about current events, it has already begun to do so.


Bernstein takes the Buzzfeedian liberty of telling us that the “Chanterculture,” as he calls it, is a counterculture in today’s cyberworld. He excises Chanterculture as if it is a foreign splinter body that effuses from the good sense of normative pop/collective culture which reigns in the West and shits out the MSM’s dialogue and all modes of pop culture out its anal crevice.


Bernstein defines the internet, by such a proper decree, as the bastion of the normal and conformist; all other deviations, especially the sort that provide fodder for his rambling, are merely troublesome “offshoots” and detours from entitled mainstream society. Bernstein, like all the other popular high school kids who made our teeth hurt and brains scrape, defines himself as the average, his perspective as the righteous, and all others as deviant, dangerous, and harmful. SJW’s, the ones on Buzzfeed, the ones holding signs and haranguing the civilization they claim to have a stake in, are particularly fond of marginalizing those who don’t humor their sanctimonious bullshit.


Bernstein does the same.


The Chanculture is the disease; the “sub-layer” of the internet thus regarded from the perch of Buzzfeed’s self-righteous liberalocity.


Never mind the fact that the internet, its genesis, its rudimentary skeleton, was one of outlaws, one of trailblazers, one of cultural drop-outs.


The internet is built on Chanculture and true non-conformity. The internet’s roots sprung from the shadows where no one was watching. The early internet was the refuge for those of us who did not belong. It offered us the succor of a community of like-minded folks, a place for people who had trouble congregating openly, to finally congregate in the shadows.


The internet is not Buzzfeed’s hipster affectations and self-absorbed ramblings of the popular idiotic idioms.


Buzzfeed is the normie deviation; Chanculture is what the internet was until money and politics swallowed it whole.


Chanculture is the vestigial artifact that reminds us what the internet meant to us, and should mean, now.




The Disqualification Kid speaks: words of motivation for today’s ROBOTS.


PROS: I am in very good physical shape for my age. I would even say I am “cut.” I lift weights and take public transportation, so I get my fair share of physical activity. I am in thorough control of my food intake.


CONS: >I am too skinny.


PROS: I am very self-assured, masculine and confident.


CONS: >I am pathologically short.


PROS: I am very disciplined in all facets of my life.


CONS: >I am too skinny.


PROS: My BMI hovers around 19. I’m convinced that if not for lifting weights and the consequent muscle mass, I would be underweight.


CONS: >I am pathologically short.


PROS: I have a good job. I am prudent, not prone to excesses. I am intelligent and philosophical and enjoy discussing ideas and science.


CONS: >I am too quiet and I am a misanthrope.


PROS: My face is not bad. I groom myself well. I dress normally; I am not a fashion plate but I am also not a slob.


CONS: >I am too skinny.


PROS: I am masculine and not intimidated by women. I come across as bold and unimpressed, perhaps a little aloof.


CONS: >I am too quiet and a misanthrope.


PROS: I am placid and stoic.


CONS: >I am pathologically short.


PROS: I am very confident, perhaps undeservedly so.


See, I’m not the worst package, but I sure ain’t the best, either.  So what.  That wasn’t in the original buyer’s agreement.


I’m old now, but in my younger days, I was able to get women (though not in abundance that some truly grade AAA men can get).


I rarely elicit overt interest from women. If anything, women back themselves into my corner and it’s up to me if I want to kick-start a more physical dynamic. I am not the type of guy women flirt with. In fact, more often than not, I inspire disinterest and disqualification.  On the other hand, I rarely inspire revulsion. In some younger women, revulsion and disinterest are expressed as an undifferentiated package of antagonism, but I realize this is youth and immaturity talking, so I don’t take it personally.


Though the call is great, Man must never take anything women say or do, personally. Women’s judgment’s are seriously not worth your grief.


You own and master your PROS.
The CONS? They are shit and not worth your worry. We all die.