Donald vs Hillary, or, HVD. Horrific alien battle of the century, but still, we all lose.


This can only turn out entertaining and morbidly mesmerizing.


It’s the battle of the century. Grab your popcorn and pull up a chair. Nothing gets more direly captivating than Hillary versus Donald.



The political sparring between the two prominent figureheads of the 2016 election kicks off with their first intramural squabble. Tell me this won’t be great cathartic fodder for an American public that has become all too accustomed to drab, inconsequential politics of the elite and the bland. Just tell me that with a straight face:  “This. Won’t. Be. Good.”


I’ve decided we can call this inevitable confrontation between hideous egos and irascible faces, “HVD.”


As in the really bad, tasteless, unredeeming movie from 2004, “AVP.” A dreadful, bottom-feeding chunk of “entertainment,” in nature, not unlike this Presidential election.


The movie’s tagline rings resoundingly true in the battle of HVD.