Carl Dial, accused firebomber of a mosque in California, to become the figurehead of Americans who just “can’t take it anymore?”

Apparently, in the period since matrimonial terrorists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, launched their Jihadist attack on San Bernardino a week and a half ago, there have been a reported number of sporadic attacks and acts of vandalism on mosques across the country. The most attention-getting, so far, was yesterday’s firebombing of the Islamic Society of Coachella Valley, a mosque in Coachella deep in Southern California’s inland Riverside county.

The attack took place shortly after noon yesterday, minutes before an afternoon prayer service was set to take place. Firefighters were able to contain the flames and prevent widespread structural damage or human injury, however the 1800-square-foot mosque did suffer smoke damage.

Investigators initially suspected arson, and naturally, the inclination is to also suspect that this is a “revenge” incident for the deadly attacks that took place in San Bernardino on December 2. This motive has not been proven, but investigators have arrested a suspect. His name is Carl James Dial, Jr., 23, a resident of Riverside county. Lawmen nabbed him quickly, just 9 hours after his alleged crime, as he drove along Country Club Drive in Palm Desert late Friday night.

Sadly, pitifully even, Dial lingered in jail as recently as this afternoon, having been unable to post the $150,000 bail. Dial was booked on 5 felony counts, including the commission of a hate crime, arson and 2nd degree burglary.


It will be interesting to note whether Dial becomes a figurehead for the understandable reactions against Muslims on the part of Americans and the country’s cyber-warriors. I strongly suspect that Dial had a “presence” on the Chan’s and very well might have been a vociferous critic of Islam, Syrian immigration and a member of that adoring Donald Trump horde. Now one of the Chan’s own appears to have stepped a little too far into the role of nationalist American protester emboldened by the Trumpian wave of 2015.

I strongly suspect that we will see many more cathartic eruptions by these despondent, aggrieved American men, beaten down by the extravagant sensitivities of the American elites who presume to know what’s best for us, and snubbed by an increasingly arrogant female species that presumes the same.

An uprising of many sorts. A perfect storm, if you will.