(D) v (R) drivel: it’s a draw.

This is laughable. Bobby Jindal attempts to convince us that the Republican Party cares about our personal liberty.

He conveniently ignores the fact that, as it breaks down, Republicans are all for liberty insofar as religion is involved, while Democrats are all for liberty insofar as it pertains to minority, special interest groups.

For a politician of either party to default to the “we are for the rights of all Americans” nicety is pure drivel.

Republicans and Democrats have one thing in common: they excel in drivel.

16.9 Million and the stillborn promise of a dying species; can I get my money back?

Bruce Jenner Interview Ratings Gold Winner For ABC With 16.9M Watching

Sixteen Point Nine Million?

I’m not quite sure I understand human nature. I used to think that people, those strange “intelligent” creatures of creativity and nobility, would one day be comprehensible to me. Such was the folly of my youth. I tried to shoehorn the human race into tidy compartments of intelligibility. What a fool I was. As I grew older, I was more dismayed, on an almost daily basis, to witness just how droll, complacent, apathetic and mediocre people can prove to be.

I once expected more than this, than…Sixteen Point Nine Million.

I don’t understand people, and increasingly, don’t care to.

Bruce Jenner is really a wench in gymnast’s clothing, he’s a Republican in a liberal LGBT smock; god, how does anyone care about this stuff enough to take precious time from their day to sit in front of a television for these fleeting minutes of a life that can never be reclaimed?

Do folks simply not value their minds and existences to such an egregious degree that they are content to waste their time peering into the sordid, disinterested lives of strangers?

I don’t get it.

What passes for collective conversation and exchange of “ideas” has not kept pace with the alleged advancements in human cognition.

So many bright children laying waste to standardized tests and all we get is this pop cultural garbage to show for it? Such astounding cerebral prowess suffuses our proud society, but such a soulless, superficial and vacuous culture we stoop to erect.



Can I get my money back?