“Young” man worth billions of dollars found dead after filing a restraining order against woman.

Hey, aren’t I mentioned in Andrew Getty’s will? I’ll take a sliver of a cut, I don’t care. A sliver. I don’t care if there are several zeroes in front of the decimal.

Andrew Getty, the 47-year-old grandson of J. Paul Getty, died Tuesday afternoon in his home in Los Angeles, according to a statement from his mother and father.

A female friend was at the home where Getty died and is cooperating with investigators, Los Angeles Police Department Capt. William Hayes said.

Hayes said the coroner, who was inside the home, had yet to identify the body.

Earlier, Officer Norma Eisenman said the man who died was not breathing and was unconscious when he was found. She said the cause of death had not been determined.

Court records show Andrew Getty had recently filed to get a restraining order against a woman. A hearing in the case was scheduled for next week.

Who’s the mystery woman?

According to the authority of gossipy smut, TMZ, his ex-girlfriend is a suspect and homegrown drama was not unknown to the pair.

According to TMZ, the heir and his ex-girlfriend had a tumultuous relationship and police had been called to the home 31 times, mostly for domestic disturbances. The Los Angeles Times reports Getty had recently filed a restraining order against a woman whose name has yet to be released.

The face the could use a few billion dollars.
The face that could use a few billion dollars.

Hysteria does not allow for gray, only gay; the rules of modern discourse.

Hysteria is the behavior of reacting. Hysteria is compounding environmental behavior and adding to the incremental cacophony and noise.

Hysteria is not about thinking or about objectivity. Hysteria is a toxic High-Fructose Corn Syrup potion of tainted emotion and feeds off petulant sensations and collective commiseration but has nothing at all to do with neutral inquiry.

Hysteria rules our day.

It is the bulwark upon which modern social rules and movements draw in order to foment new paradigms and mores. Hysteria is the default tool of women, gays and spineless men. I’ve often used a phrase in personal life: ignorant hysteria, but it occurs to me this is redundant.

Hysteria, by nature, is ignorance. Hysteria negates the need or innate compulsion to self-educate and know. Hysteria is its own answer. It hacks the human mind thus. Hysteria is the parasitic usurper of human curiosity.

And hysteria reigns as the structure which shapes modern discourse. Those of us who value objective, clear and emotionally undiluted thought have no place in today’s hysteria-ridden communal dialog. As such, objectivity is now confounded for “anti-[the trendy movement in question].” If you don’t join in the mindless fray, you are the enemy.

Hysteria does not allow for gray, only gay.

Indiana RFRA protestor.
Indiana RFRA protestor.

Suicidal Tendencies Over Europe…

Every time I hear this phrase, I think of one of the greatest bands of the 1980’s and 90’s.

Germanwings co-pilot treated for suicidal tendencies

One of their greatest songs, “If I Don’t Wake Up,” seems to fit some situations very well for those despondent enough to not think and react, but the song is actually about empowerment and re-affirms strength and self-direction.

Sums up my 20’s: one moment, ready to throw everything in the shitter and call it quits…a descent into hopeless despondency which gives way way to a no-fucks-attitude and living your life as you see fit with no regard for society’s wish-washy constraints and conformity.

I woke up one morning and told myself, loudly, as Mike Muir might have: WAKE UP!! And paved a new trail.

Unfortunately, the weak…kill.

Sounds from the last minute of Germanwings Flight 9525…unverified CVR.

**Edit, 3/29: With near certitude, this is fake**

Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. This is the internet.

Everything must be taken with an apocryphal grain of salt.

**What leads me to question the authenticity, as some have mentioned elsewhere, is that there is typically an automated verbal warning during a plane’s plunge and shortening proximity to the ground and there was nothing like that here.**

**But, on the other hand, some have said they can hear the stick shaker and an automated “pull up” warning as well.**

Another new development and nail in the coffin for those inflaming Andreas Lubitz’s motives with mystical qualities.

His life’s calling was in danger.

He wanted to be a pilot since he was 14.

The story becomes more droll as it evolves.

No Islam, no depression, no sexual rage. Just a psychopathic Joker who wanted to watch the world (or all his passengers) burn.

Sometimes evil is not as scintillating as all the pet terms and concepts we adorn our bullshit with.

Andreas Lubitz, who was flying the Germanwings jetliner that slammed into a mountain in the French Alps on Tuesday, sought treatment for vision problems that may have jeopardized his ability to continue working as a pilot, two officials with knowledge of the investigation said Saturday.

The revelation of the possible trouble with his eyes added a new element to the emerging portrait of the 27-year-old German pilot, who the authorities say was also being treated for psychological issues and had hidden aspects of his medical condition from his employer.

It is not clear how severe his eye problems were or how they might have been related to his psychological condition. One person with knowledge of the investigation said the authorities had not ruled out the possibility that the vision problem could have been psychosomatic.