Not an MH17 conspiracy because both sides have a vested interested in pinning the disaster on the “other side”

Come on, now.

Is it even “tin foil” to humor the possibility that Ukrainian troops “procured” a BUK missile system and deliberately shot down a passenger jet knowing full well that the political and social backlash against such an action, one that could too easily be laid at the feet of Russian and Ukrainian rebels, would help that nation’s global cause immensely?

I’m not saying Russia was not involved. But let’s keep a clear, lucid mind about this.

You can’t convict a man for murder based on the fact that he tends to like .45 caliber Smith & Wesson handguns, one which just happened to be involved in the murder he is tried for, in the absence of any other evidence.

And a Malaysian Air B777? Please, the script could have written itself.