Men: your vulnerability is only for you to know. One must proceed like a stone.


As romantic and sullenly pleasing as it may seem, I have some news for you, guys.


Vulnerability is a private matter that has no business being uttered or seeing the light of day by any woman, except maybe your mother.


Vulnerability is the key to your demise in the eyes of women.


If you must vent or express your deepest, most private vulnerabilities, keep it quiet and a secret that remains in your deepest caverns of thought. Write a letter to yourself or compose and construct an anonymous blog and pour out you cathartic doubts to your heart’s content. But never, never, NEVER, burden the woman in your life with your personal vulnerabilities. Even the most sensitive and kind woman will find that she cannot fathom listening to your vulnerabilities without eventually absorbing them into her arsenal of every reason not to continue having you in her life.


The moment you tell your girlfriend or wife of your most sensitive and shameful vulnerabilities, you have handed her the dagger and entrance to your heart where she can inflict the most damage. Giving a woman a detailed rundown of your vulnerabilities is like letting a vampire into your house.


You are screwed.


For every vulnerability you confide, you must also volunteer and perform at least 20 acts of brash insensitive boldness. This is the only way to offset the humiliation that must naturally visit your profuse relinquishment of vulnerabilities that have no business being known to anyone, least of all your girlfriend or wife.


The crux of a man are his secrets.


All men, even the most powerful, possess vulnerability, but what separates the masters of men from the worms is the ability to withhold certain dehumanizing personal hangups from entering the light of day.


There is nothing to be gained from divulging your sincerest vulnerabilities to a woman other than disgrace and alienation.


Just shut up and proceed like a stone.