American bullying as a consequence of the helplessness of Federal inaction

My mom came up with the masterstroke strategy which I think addresses the no-win situation of all those damn Central-American children flooding our Southern border. It is an exquisitely simple plan. I wish I had thought of it.

“Why don’t they put all these kids on a plane but instead of sending them back home, send them to Washington D.C and the White House lawn? They can just drop them off on Obama’s doorstep.”

So blatantly simple. It’s a solution I can say that finally appeals to me in the midst of this horrible mess that has been instigated by our Federal government, Central-American ignorance, and the swine who are the smuggling coyotes of Latin America.

As always, but especially recently as our American economic chasm resembles the Third World, one in which elites dictate the problems of the masses underneath, the ulterior and manipulative good intentions of the moneyed classes and federal politicians is enlivened and propped up on the backs of an American populace that is barely able to take care of itself, much less thousands of dependent brown children from Central America.

The issue stems from the indifference and inaction that the Federal government displays when it involves our sovereign borders. In a fit of hypocritical arrogance, it seems the issue quickly becomes a State issue because logistically, the states are the ones left holding the immigrant bag, so to speak; they alone are left to deal with the immigrant flood while the policy shaping elites in the national Capitol retreat into their hermetic leather caves of elegance and oak.

And naturally, the enraged citizens of the border states, reacting like ignored and abused children of negligent, absent parents who would rather be smoking cigars and sharing wine with the Beltway class, succumb to misguided and desperate bullying tactics, such as waving signs and blocking the buses transporting the illegals from entering the city. In a series of small, myopic “victories,” the buses retreated to San Diego (an American city, fyi) where the illegal aliens were housed and fed, also at taxpayer expense. The sign-waving protesters reveled in the retreat but this was an inconsequential battle because Washington will continue perpetuating the self-serving paradigm of an America with open-shores while strategically allowing it to be “sabotaged” by the “bad people” who don’t want them here. Obama, et al, feed and thrive off this constructed tension in order to allow them to play the part of benevolent saviors, or at the very least, to disclaim responsibility for some rather noxious public policy decisions.

This administration’s hysterics and new hard-line stance regarding the immigrants is a ploy that places the onus of the resulting tough-love decisions on Republicans because it’s easy, for they are the most vocal and angry and willingly sit themselves in the bull’s eye. Obama gets to play tough guy after constructing a legislative framework which only nourishes the magnetic appeal that poverty-stricken Central-Americans feel for a putative United States of Immigration Indifference, the forgiving beacon it has become because they buy into the myth as readily as some buy into the Obama phone. It is a cynical and manipulative move, but this is Federal politics. What do you expect?

Instead, the bully protesters vent their frustrations on a bunch of helpless children who have no say in this matter. And like all bullies, they only pick to mock those not their size. Do these protesters have the balls and travel expenses to march on D.C with their posters? Ah, I think not.

The White House security and Secret Service are scary.  Let's bring our children to bring the fear of God to...children!
The White House security and Secret Service are scary. Let’s bring our children to bring the fear of God to…children!

This is radicalized NIMBY, but ultimately everyone should keep in mind (especially the Feds), that America is our backyard, and we need to stand in collective defiance as the “border states” against the ghastly calculated indifference which the Eastern Federal politicos assault us with.