The peril of progress and the church of control.

This is the most insightful meme I’ve ever seen on Facebook, courtesy of a Zen page I “belong” to, or whatever it is you refer to as such on Facebook.


Ah, the perils of control, the perils of humility.

The wonder of disembodied relinquishment of external influences and assumption of our inner strength.

Relax, nothing is in control.

Nothing is in control!

Never has been, and never will be. Does not need to be.

The peril of progress. As we conquer new facets of physical reality, we grow exceedingly confident that we are gods, and as we shrink the world with technology and invention, we succumb to the delusion that we reign over a false reality.

Relax. Nothing is in control and nothing needs to be in control.

Enjoy the helplessness, enjoy and fulfill your humanity. Your hapless spiral.

There is nothing more grand than welcoming your mortal obsequiousness.

Humility diminishes as we take the reigns over larger chunks of the world, but ultimately, control is a pursuit of infinity because chance, quantum culmination, exceeds our deliberate meddling.

Take control of nothing and savor the unknown.

I fear we find it increasingly difficult, with each generation of scientific orgasmic advancement, to relinquish control to that which defies our presumptions of advancement.

We can now print 3D reality and transfer human practice to the cold, capable hands of machines.

Of course we have control!

Still, with so much control bestowed upon our technology, we find it impossible to relax.

To be.