Blue Jasmine…Woody Allen tackles evopsych?

How many sickeningly zealous, corny, sycophantic interjections must I use about Woody Allen’s new movie, Blue Jasmine, before I begin to sound like an enthusiastic crack whore? I don’t know, but the movie is that good.


Blue Jasmine is one of Allen’s best offerings in years, a detraction from his existential journeys into the tortured minds and social lethargy of patented New York neurotics. Allen tackles a different form of moral ambiguity here. One shaped by political and socioeconomic forces I’ve not seen him wield before. The effect is a grimy glimpse into the histrionics of American greed and affectation, both realized and unrealized. To be sure, I’ve always enjoyed the Allenesque philosophical school of despair and meaninglessness, but in this movie, as applied to the intractable form of American consumerism with a tinge of nuanced observations about gender relations as extensions of the same dynamic that drives human greed and ambition, I felt I was treated to a glimpse into Allen, the worldly cynic, a clinical humanist, a man who I believe continues to eschew Race as a cinematic motif because he harbors opinions that might alienate him from the normal Hollywood kooks.

jasmine 1

In fact, the genesis which propels Blue Jasmine’s philosophic outlook owes a debt of gratitude to the awareness that powers the conversations and observations seen in much of the “Roissysphere/HBDsphere.” Blue Jasmine examines the stratification which seems undeniably a function of human genetics and culture while slyly using an adoption case to further its plot study.

Blue Jasmine has proles, it has SWPLs, it has Masters of the Universe, and it even has a bit of female solipsism…but best of all, it acknowledges these characters as such without sinking to apologetic justification for anyone’s behavior as anything other than manifestations of human nature.

Ultimately, I believe this movie can be viewed as Woody Allen’s 2013 manifesto which relishes an antithetical form of simplicity, not anti-consumerism, to many of his historical New York characters.

Why do White people keep falling to their death?

What is with White people falling and dying?!

Seems every time I read the news, yet another White person is plummeting to his or her death. And of course, tonight, I was not disappointed, yet again.

A man died Monday after falling about 65 feet from upper level stands at a baseball game in Atlanta, authorities said.
The incident occurred shortly before 9 p.m. EDT during a game between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies at Turner Field, Atlanta Police spokesman John Chafee told NBC News.
The man was transported to Atlanta Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.
Investigators said it is unclear what caused the fall, but believe it was an accident.
The man fell from an upper level platform unto a secure lot outside the stadium, according to police.

Now frankly, I’m indulging in a bit of blind assumption here because the victim hasn’t been identified. Yet, my cyber-profiling prowess tells me this guy was White. Only White people seem to fall from the stupidest places.

In the same manner, we can guess, with utmost confidence, that the racially unidentified gang of teenagers who beat up a random hipster in [name any gentrified American locale] was probably composed mostly of Blacks, we can also safely gamble that any person who falls to their death from a really stupid place (like any ledge at a sports stadium, and civilized ledges in general) is probably White. Women falling from high rise railings in New York? Uh yeah, White (sorta).

This falling shtick is a First World problem. That’s what I think. Modern, urban, young White people have no sense of danger because they don’t know danger. This is typified by extending the safety harness of ledges and rickety rusted metal cages to their everyday pampered lives. It’s natural selection on a very small scale. If we do not learn danger, we become weak, ignorant, and worst of all, incautious.

White people have become horribly incautious and this is why they’ve lost control of the United States.

Perhaps it’s a stretch to correlate the deaths of falling White people with American decline, but it’s very appropriate if one truly pays attention.

White people lean too far because no one has taught them that it’s time to stop, and everything falls to shit.

Let the Weiner go! A female culture is a dead culture.

The other day someone at work showed me the New Yorker cartoon cover with Anthony Weiner cradling the phallic Empire State Building between his legs, ala King Kong.

I commented that it was a great editorial cartoon. The subject turned lightly onto Anthony Weiner’s greatest hits. Much of the usual, knee-jerk damning of the guy ensued. I joked that it was no big deal. He was just doing what men do. It’s testosterone. Men are not supposed to behave. This world advanced through the ages by virtue of man’s chronic aggression and misbehavior.

I further explained that when society reaches a state where it feels it must frown upon natural male behavior en masse and pathologize it, and which sees fit to mute men, the same society will turn into a bland white wall of undifferentiated lack of excellence or individualism.

We want men to misbehave and act like rakes! This is the sign of a healthy society, one in which intellectual and cultural progression is guaranteed. If we shut men up (as we are doing quite well in 2013 Western pussy culture), we will shut down all of human spirit. Mankind will transform into an amorphous hodgepodge of mediocrity steered by the passive impetus of female sensibilities.

I’ve never seen so many blank stares.

I kept looking over my shoulder the rest of the day to see if HR was following me.